Sunday, April 22, 2007


I decided to actually comment on some blogs, and write to a few people who wrote articles that I thought were interesting. Here's what I wrote:

On Imus, responding to this (before he was fired):

Don Imus has always been a mean person. That's his on air personality, and that's what he's paid for. (He does do much for those less fortunate, like the radiothon which is on WFAN this week, which is why he's not being suspended until Monday.) I obviously think he was trying to be mean, and maybe funny, but not necessarily racist. I do think his comments were racist, and I do think he should have been fired long ago, (perhaps 30 years ago) for his comments on women and other subjects. What I don't like, is how he is being singled out, as a white guy making a racist comment. Not to defend Imus, or Michael Richards, and their horrible mouths / actions, but it does seem like somewhat of a double standard that they are being pursued, with the risk of their whole livelihood, when African American's on the radio constantly use blatantly racist terms. Until the Al Sharpton's start going after the Hip Hop DJ's and publicly asking for their heads for using the N word, or calling girls bitches and ho's, he won't have any credibility with many in the public, who also are viewing this hypocrisy. Don Imus should have been fired years ago for his foul mouth, and I'm glad he's off the air, but these specific comment should not have gotten him fired. Personally, I didn't even know that nappy headed ho's was a racist term, or even a term at all. Nappy doesn't have to do w/race. Ho doesn't have to do with I guess I'm confused. I think it was just a slow week for media, so this became a big story.

For some good articles on this issue, here are 2 of my favorite sports writers (BOTH BLACK):

TRY THIS (though this view would get everyone fired)


On the Duke kids getting off, wanted to respond TO THIS, but knew it wouldn't do anything:

Who lost and who won in the duke rape case? Those kids obviously lost, b/c they obviously didn't rape the girl. They weren't friends. There was no evidence besides hearsay. The lineup only used Duke Lax players, so obv whoever she picked, would be the ones indicted. One wasn't even at the party. Duke lost some of its prestige. The prosecutor lost his job, and likely his license. Strippers lost. Obviously, we won't be having any more parties with strippers unless someone is videotaping the whole thing (unlikely), and we'll have to settle for going to strip clubs instead. But the real loser is AMERICAN WOMEN, and the real winners are the rich, and celebrities. The fact that this guy at The New York Post has the nerve to post this woman's name over and over just horrified me. I can barely imagine how many women in this country or state or city are reading that thinking "What will I do if I'm ever attacked? Will I ever report this?" Yes, this lying stripper did a horrible thing to these Duke boys (if they didn't do it), however, she's hurt all women so much worse than that. I feel like she's hurt the credibility of females everywhere, and hurt the comfort in the system that a woman would need to come forward if something horrible like this were to happen to her. Male celebrities, athletes, and rich people, can all feel more comfortable now, knowing that a woman they attack will be less likely to come forward. They can all now threaten their victims with public humiliation and ruined lives if they were to speak up. The media just loved this Duke boys story, and the media, with is quick to judge mentality, made a huge mistake when they got this one wrong. It is estimated, that 70,000 college women are raped or sexually assaulted each year. I wonder if the reported number will go down significantly, and I hope it does not (not saying I hope rapes don't go down, just that the % reporting them doesn't fall).

For a good summary of what really happened that night (The racism, the horror, etc, these Duke kids should burn in hell). Maybe I just hate all lacrosse players (its a HS thing).

On the Death of the CD, and thoughts on the Music Business:

While you're concluding statement is 100%, the CD is dead, that is only half the story. What the record labels are fighting, and fail to realize, is that THEY are dinosaurs as well. Musicians no longer need music labels to promote themselves (only to run their tours). I'm surprised you have not realized that there is virtually no use for a record label anymore. Related to this URL (, this band's record label was doing nothing for them, they made this little video without the record labels knowledge and they became instantly famous (not a bad song either). Record labels contend that stealing from the big bands by downloading illegally hurts the little band and the record label's capital, which is used to find those bands. Well, in the new century, that capital is no longer necessary, bands can use myspace, and other sites to promote themselves. So, as we will all witness in the coming years as the record labels fight for their revenue, and thier lives, they are no longer necessary. The record label is dead.

For more evidence of this, TRY THIS LINK

On the VT horror: (no need to post articles)

If 178 Iraqi's die the same day 33 American's die, does anyone hear about it? Not to be an asshole, b/c the VT thing was a horrible horrible tragedy, however, its very very small compared to the rest of the country, and world. While the story is shocking, most of us don't know anyone who's actually down at VT right now...just like we don't know anyone who's in Iraq right now. The sick thing is, 100x more American kids, the exact same age as those VT kids, have died in Iraq, and it still doesn't seem like anyone cares. (FYI, the 3,000 killed in Iraq would likely be over 20,000 if this were 30 years ago b/c of the improvements in medicine and the ability to save someone's life who's lost limbs in the battle field). The kids in Iraq are poor Americans, not middle class or smart Americans, who attend maybe not as many people care.

To put this whole thing in prospective, 80 Americans die EVERY DAY from gun violence. In the last 80 YEARS only 250 students have been killed in any level of school, elementary through college, in Fatal Mass Shootings. This compares to 1,100 COLLEGE STUDENTS who commit suicide EVERY YEAR and 1,400 COLLEGE STUDENTS who die from drinking or drugs EVERY YEAR. Yet for some reason, all I'm hearing about these days is that we need armed personnel at colleges to protect our students. If we wanted to protect our students, we should monitor there mental states better and we should curb their alcohol use. Parents should not be worried about guns at colleges, they should be worried about drugs, alcohol and depression. What bothers me is people saying "we now know what happens when there are no guns in schools, I wonder what would have happened if those teachers were armed." The no guns in schools has been highly successful, and one incident does not disprove the general safety of our schools. This argument drives me nuts.

What I'm trying to say is...singular, unique incindents of crazy, horrible, mass murder is likely not so preventable...however, depression, drug use...much more preventable (and of course car accidents, the #3 killer in America and moving up).

(subsequent to writing this, news came out that the gunman, who purchased guns legally, should not have been allowed to under federal law. However, the gun lobby, has kept states from linking systems with each other and the feds during background checks, so that more guns are sold, used, and thus even more are purchased for protection...Party on).

Here's my source

And here's a great article on the real pandemic, which can be stopped, that's facing our country.

On Arod: (12 homerun's in 15 games)
I liked A-Rod before it was cool, but the best part about rooting for A-Rod is that Yankee's fans still root against him. Its like the democrats rooting against the war.

On the Catholic Church allowing me to go to Heaven:

I have no idea what kind of tests the church used to discover this, but the concept of Limbo, an eternal state of euphoria that those who were not baptized go to, is no longer part of Catholic beliefs. This means that I, a Jew, can be in congress with God when I die, instead of just being happy. I think this is going to hurt the church's recruiting efforts. One less thing people don't have to fear when the don't accept Jesus as their savior. As an added bonus, this gives me a great amount of ammunition when dealing with those religion peddlers on the streets of New York. I can't wait to inform them that they no longer need to convert me to save me and tell them that even though Jesus died for my sins, I don't have to be cleansed of original sin to go to Heaven. What a great day. I had feared for my unborn children before this day but no longer. I just hope this new rule is retroactive to those who have already died. I really wonder how those Catholics who've been praying and praying, maybe for years, for the souls of their relatives who may have died before baptism to go to Heaven, feel, now that they've learned that the church decided that their praying was unnecessary. I hope they aren't pissed.

On the Sports Gal's "The Bachelor" commentary:

"She didn't look like Kate Jackson at all. He's a moron sometimes. We argued about this for the rest of the show and I missed everything else that happened." When will you two stop acting like best friends and act like you actually like each other. The show is bad. How about "We started arguing about this, and then decided to have sex, and missed the 2nd half of the show." If you two are going to be a reality "read" and not just a bunch of dudes sitting on the couch watching TV, how about acting like a real couple?

On the Sport's Guys NBA MVP article:

How can you not mention AI in your MVP column. You wrote a 10,000 word mancrush of an article on how amazing he was this fall, and then you leave him out of your MVP article? Great job picking "the fans" as the MVP. I'm sure they'll win.

On a side note, getting mono would be great right now….catch up on sleep…get a little vacation…catch up on reading…lose 15 lbs for the summer. Sounds wonderful. Find me someone to kiss.

One last funny thing:

Idiot Boy: I have a 70's wine tasting party at 7pm in Hoboken on Saturday if you want to come.
Idiot Girl: A 70s wine tasting party?
Idiot Boy: Did you not read properly? I understand when someone's talking to you and you don't hear correctly and need it repeated, but the words are right there on the page, if you miss it, you can just read it again.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

That little dialog at the end seems condescending, not endearing.

Meistro said...

Who said anything about endearing? I was def being fresh/condescending/and FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't think being condescending to your girlfriend and then posting it for everyone to see is funny. Call me old fashioned.

Meistro said...

Old fashioned is believing everything you read. If you think that little 3 line conversation is the actual one I had w/IG, verbatum, then you're nuts. Whenever someone asks me about this website, I say, its for entertainment, to be silly, to remember things, to have fun, and to say obnoxious things, so people comment and make the dialogue interesting. When/if IG minds, I'd take wahtever I wrote down. That's why people have nicknames, that's why people are anon. This is a place filled w/characters, not people.

I'd say most of what I write is from me...altered to they way I want it. I'd say that many times I'm having a conversation, think of how it would be funny if it went off in a random direction, and then write as if it did go that way. That's what writers do...isn't it?

Anonymous said...

So if you've said something obnoxious and I've commented on it, hasn't your goal been reached? I'm not suggesting you take it down, I'm simply giving you my reaction to your (contrived) dialog. Don't get me wrong - I generally like your writing, but I wanted to give my reaction to that one bit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous #3 about the IB/IG bit.

Anonymous said...

You didn't actually alter very much i dont think, but that's fine, you can be condescending ... it was deserved, i definitely dont mind... :) - IG

If you were offended b/c it was mean and not would have told me right? - IB

you're never mean to me...:)
- IG

Suzanne said...

I dreamed about you last night, and I dreamed we kissed. No joke. I'm dead serious. We made out like it was the first week of college. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a great entry in your ****, although long. I had to go back to it twice, just to finish it. Of course, I had to go to each link that you put in there.

I loved each opinion. It gave me insight that I hadn't thought about at all. I think that's a great idea - new insights into current topics. Did you write these opinions on the blogs of the original writer? Perhaps they would have a link to your blog, but then you'd have to have a new blog, with just this kind of stuff and not your personal stuff.

I still don't like IB and IG. It doesn't resound with confidence and it seems mean.

(this was edited and reposted to remove specific words)