Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Unbirthday to Me

Today, I turned 10,000 days old.

While yesterday, technically, was the 10,000th day I was alive, the way we calculate birthdays is usually the day after it should be. You turn 1 day old on your 2nd day, you turn 1 year old on your 366th day (for me 367 b/c of leap year). To explain, no one celebrates their birthday the day before the date they were born just because technically that day makes 1 full year, everyone celebrates on the date they were born, which is 1 year and 1 day after they were born, and therefore, you turn 10,000 days old on your 10,001st day.

While its been over 25 years since my last 10^n birthday, and I'll likely never have another (I don't plan on living to 275 years old), it only took me 3.5 months to record my first 3 10^n birthdays.

My niece is 16 days old (this is her 17th day), and she's had more 10^n days than I've had in the last 25.

Oh, by the way, my 2nd niece was born 2 weeks go. Lilah Ruth Fishman. Here's a picture of her and her sister. (the cutest picture ever). Click it to see full sized.

And one more of me, just so you can all like me more.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your special day.

Anonymous said...

ooh now that she has 2 i can have atara!!! :)