Wednesday, July 04, 2007

30,000 foot, Cheating, War in Iraq

If horse owners love their horses so much they think that they have human like feelings and rights and emotions, why is it ok to breed them and not breed humans?

Personally, I think they should be able to breed humans, and like horses, I think you should be able to euthanize people when they are no longer productive, esp if they didn’t build enough wealth to take care of themselves during their productive lives. Screw social security; just knock um off like a horse that can’t run or stud anymore.

Everyone talks about looking at something from the 30,000 foot view, what did people say before there were airplanes?

Before the 30,000 foot view, there were plenty of sayings. Here is the progression:

1,000 BC: Top of the pyramid view
33 AD: Top of the cross view
250 AD: Top of the coliseum view
1,000 AD:
1,500 AD:
1,850 AD: 10th story view
1920: Empire State Building view
1940: 30,000 foot view

What's your take on cheating?

Fun times, could be exciting, bad karma, and like anything, there are levels of cheating:

I – Looking at another girl
II – Going to a strip club
III - Playing the wingman and flirting with another girl
IV - Getting drunk and flirting with another girl
V – Flirting with another girl sober
VI – Flirting with another guy
VII - Kissing someone during spin the bottle with your girlfriend around
VIII - Calling an ex and telling her you are not happy with your current relationship so get ready
IX - Kissing someone during spin the bottle without your girlfriend around
X - Getting drunk and making out with a girl
XI - Jumping on a bomb as a wingman
XII - Getting drunk and convincing a girl to go down on you in the bathroom of a bar
XIII - Getting drunk and having sex w/someone
XIV - Having sex with someone
XV - Having a relationship behind your girls back

Personally, I won’t go past level III, though I ma go to level V w/my girlfriend around (therefore it doesn’t count). Obviously, I’ve left some levels out, so feel free to fill some in. Of course, I know a guy who went to level XV, a few times, and the girl found out, and they are married. So what do I know about anything.

How do we end the war in Iraq and how could we have done it correctly?

We end it by leaving, with Arab countries contributing troops to keep the peace. I don’t think anything calms down until we leave.

America lost its edge after WWII when we rebuilt Europe and Japan. Countries are no longer scared about losing wars to us because we rebuild. What we need to do, is attack a country, and really just leave it in a dismal state. We should kill innocent people, rape their women and really put the fear of America back in the world. The next time we need to go into a country like Iraq, that country will actually stand up and fight, and we’ll be able to kill their army. This will avoid the current situation, where the army knew they’d lose, and just went home, and started using guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare and terrorism won’t work if we’re killing and raping and torturing everyone.

I feel like texting Brian, do you think its because I'm horny or lonely or both? Bad idea right? He's really good at snuggling. Its almost because I don’t like him its easier to humor the idea...or maybe I do like him?!?! Nuts!

You hate him. He's a jerk who did not like you enough and you don't need that. If you are thinking of calling because you think you can do it with out feelings, you are lying to yourself. Girls don't work that way.

Is bad sex better than no sex?

It depends how hot the girl / guy is. If you are in a relationship with this person, then no sex is better.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Australia, very modern w/plenty of opportunity to pretend like you are explorers while in the country.

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