Sunday, September 16, 2007

Summer Summary

This was an extremely active summer for me. So active, I focused on my day job and having fun, instead of my other job (writing) I traveled almost every weekend, did plenty of things I’d never done before, and in the process, got a better tan than the Hispanic girl I work with. Here are some of the things that made this summer this summer.

This was the summer I actually used our Pocono house, twice. One time, I went up there with Licious and my sister and her friends just to hang out, play cards and such on Shabbat. The 2nd time I used the house as a hiking base. We got there at 1am Friday night, woke up at 9am, went hiking and drove back at by 4pm. The crazy thing is, that weekend was the same weekend as…

This was the summer of my cousin’s 30th birthday booze cruise sans booze. After hitting Driving back from the Pocono’s. I met up with Licious and my cousins and some other friends and we took a cruise around the Island. The boat was supposed to have beer, but it had lost its license or something, so we made it BYOB. I didn’t mind too much, about not drinking since this was the same weekend as…

This was the summer of my first (and possibly only) NASCAR race. After the cruise, I took a train down to Belmar to meet up w/Tom, Steven and some of Steven’s hick friends from Atlanta. We stayed up until 4am, boarded the 15 seat van at 8:30am and were back in the Pocono’s by 10:30am. This was a day of beer with breakfast, then BBQ, then beer, then beer and finally a race. And yes, as you can see from the pictures, we took the seats out of the car to use while tailgating. The race itself was really loud, and being somewhat drunk did not help my stomach. The vibrations made me a little queasy, the noise made me a little queasy and all the BBQ made me a little queasy. I kinda wish I’d stayed at the van and not actually gone into the event. Here’s a video of what it was like inside.

2 hours of this is tolerable. 4 hours, not so much. We drove back, hit traffic, and finally my long long long weekend was over at 10pm. Anyway, here are the NASCAR pictures.

This was the summer I went to Denver on Memorial Day.

This was the summer I spent a weekend in the Catskills. My rents rented a house for the weekend, and so I took the bus up to the Catskills on a Friday afternoon and hung out at that house till Sunday. We didn’t do much accept read and play on the lake and play stupid games. Great times. Here are a few Catskills pictures.

This was the summer I discovered Fire Island.

This was the summer of my first (and unlikely only) horse races. Licious and I went up to Saratoga for a weekend with her parents at their country house. We spent the drive there and back, reading HP out loud to each other, and hit the track on Saturday. It was amateur hour and I was ready to bet. We watched the horses saddle up, and liked one of the horses in the 2nd race who was a 12-1 dog. I put $5 on him to pace, and he actually came in 2nd. I then took that $20 and put $5 each on 4 huge underdogs to win. A 31.5-1 horse actually won and I was up 150. I then put $4 on 6 huge underdogs to win the next race. The winner was a 57-1 underdog and I won $200 more. At that point I had one more race in me, lost and took my winnings. Quite the beginners luck at the track.

This is the summer I finally got to Montreal. It was Adam’s bachelor party, and it was awesome.

This was the summer I actually spent July 4th on my own building’s roof. The irony of this, is the last 2 summers, there was no 25 story building directly next door blocking our view of the show. This summer, our new neighborhood building is almost complete, and though that means no construction noise, it also means really bad viewing of July 4th festivities.

This was the summer I went to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and never actually watched the episode on TV. Licious and I got free tickets (every ticket is free so it takes 6 months to get them). We waited in line for 2 hours and watched them tape the show in 45 minutes. That night, we totally forgot to watch the episode. Oh well.

And of course, this is the summer I went to France / Spain.

This was the summer I missed grandma’s club too often. I missed dinner on Memorial Day (Denver), Father’s day (Montreal), Labor Day (Europe), and a few others when relatives were in town and whatnot. I don’t think I’ve missed as many as I did this summer in the previous 5 years.

This was definitely the summer of Licious. She moved to my area for the summer, so I ended up hanging out with her almost ever day. We had a blast reading together, seeing movies together, getting away from the city together, talking trash about everyone we knew together and celebrating about 45 different anniversaries together.

This was the summer of Harry Potter. I attended the book release party at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in my “Voldemort Votes Republican” t-shirt. There were 10,000 people there, and a line outside that was sidewalk thick and extended 5 blocks. Of course, I went to Duane Reade and purchased it for $10 more w/no line. I spent the next 24 days reading the book slowly, to savor the experience for as long as possible and not rush though and miss things like I’ve done with other books I’ve really enjoyed. Wow, what a great book. I really, really love those books and I am really, really sad there won’t be anymore. We also had the release of the 5th movie, which was shown in IMAX 3-D (only the last 20 minutes) and was awesome. (See the 3-D glasses picture below) And my shirt, also seen below, is really a hit.


Anonymous said...

"I" took the seats out of the van to use while tailgating, not "we", you're too humble!

Anonymous said...

Also, I think I should have my own label... I mean really, NASCAR and the Catskills?! How frequently do you plan on writing about them?! :)

Meistro said...

Sorry, no tag for you. The purpose of the tag is so those articles will pop up if random people search the term. I doubt people will be searching Licious.

Yes, while it was my idea to remove the seats from the van to sit in, I only took one seat out...the other seats were technically taken out of the van by the other guys

Anonymous said...

Another great post. You're the best! (from the same person who says this all the time)