Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Juggling JuJu / Avoiding Eggshells

As I mentioned in the previous post, everyday I'm confronted with a new quasi relationship issue that I would not have had to deal with in the previous 27.75 years of my life. I'm not sure what to call this section yet, but since writing that post, I decided to see if I actually did have a quasi quandary every day. Turns out, I do.

Avoiding Eggshells - Saturday:
Ok, So I have 2 tickets for the Jets / Eagles game on Sunday. I took JuJu to the game 2 weeks ago, and we had a blast, but I'm kinda feeling like I'd rather take someone else this time. The game is a great time to talk to hang out with a friend you haven't seen in a while, b/c A) you can talk the whole time, and B) there are no awkward silences b/c there's a game going on. Anyway, the few people I'd had in mind couldn't make it, and I couldn't really take someone I hadn't seen in 6 months, especially if they weren't really a Jets / Eagles fan, because JuJu would want to go, and frankly, I would enjoy going w/her too. However, if I was going to spend the afternoon w/JuJu at the game, then frankly, I'd actually rather spend it with her at a bar watching football or at her/my apartment.

Thus Saturday's dilemma: I'd rather go to the game w/JuJu than most other people, but if I'm going to be w/JuJu, I'd almost rather not schlep to Giants stadium in NJ, and would rather spend the day w/her in NYC.

Selfish Sunday - Sunday:
I haven't really been home in 5 days:
Wednesday night I had volleyball until 11pm.
Thursday night I had drinks with coworkers then had plans to watch Thursday TV shows.
Friday night I had a happy hour, dinner, b-day drinks and then went to a gay bar.
Saturday I went up to the UWS for lunch w/my rents and sisters family and then went home for an hour before heading back out to JuJu's house warming party.
Sunday I spent the day at a bar with JuJu, watching football, and then hung out with my friend Dan until around 7pm. At this point, JuJu made dinner plans with her friend in my area expecting that she'd see me afterwards. She said she would just be studying, but that it was easier than taking a cab back home at that time of night.

Thus Sunday's dilemma: How do you tell someone that you want to relax, and relaxing might mean w/o them?

Relationship Question of the Day - Monday:
Today's the big day. Today a year ago, is the day I started calling JuJu mine. Apparently, it’s also the day I'm supposed to buy presents and plan something. Now I understand how girls love celebrations and getting taken care of and all that stuff, esp. on birthdays on holidays, but isn’t this technically my anniversary too?

Thus Monday’s dilemma: If today is OUR anniversary, why do I have to plan it?

Juggling JuJu - Tuesday:
So, I sent the above to JuJu for approval, since I’m not really allowed to post about her without her approval. Unlike me, she doesn’t understand the point of this whole online experience at all. She doesn’t understand how its fun to write, fun to read, and why I would want anyone (especially strangers) to know my business. Lastly, and likely most importantly, she definitely wouldn’t want anyone she doesn’t know judging her, and commenting, b/c they don’t know her.

Thus Tuesday’s dilemma: How do I convince JuJu to let me post “Avoiding Eggshells” #1, #2 and #3 without totally editing her out of them?

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Irish and Jew said...

If i want to relax without my boyfriend i tell him i have my period, and then explain in full detail about the clumping/uterus shedding that i'm going through. Then i tell him that i'm going to make myself feel better by watching vh1 reality shows and ANTM marathon all day,and that he could join if he wants, but I'm not going to shower. That usually works/I can't believe someone loves me ;)

Of course my idea of relaxing is killing a hobo with a hammer. It relieves a LOT of pressure, and shuts up the voices for awhile...