Thursday, November 01, 2007

Denver AGAIN!

I went to Denver 2 WEEKS AGO and I’m just posting about it now. I have no clue why I’ve procrastinated so much, except to note that the normal excuse of screwing yourself doesn’t really apply.

As Always, Here are the pictures.

Obviously, the point of my trip was to visit Josh, as I have done previously
And here

We arrived Thursday night (I had a free flight!) and Natalia cooked us her famous lasagna. I don’t remember the last time ate something that was cooked by someone my own age (besides grilling at the NASCAR race). I mean, Josh and Natalia use their kitchen all of the time! It was quite a strange experience to sit at a table and eat food that was prepared by the people who were eating it. I guess that’s Denver for ya.

Friday we walked around Cherry Creek and downtown. We showed Judy the various stadiums as we walked from one end of Denver to the other. Our final stop, ESPN Zone, was by far the most fun. For 10 minutes, I remembered what it was like for me growing up. I remembered looking at all the arcade games and thinking about what a waste of money it was to play them and thinking of how I never did play them. Then Josh walked over with his prepaid cards and for the next 45 minutes, we played hockey, and air hockey, and car racing and basketball and basketball. Wow, so much fun, I kept thinking to myself, so this is what it was supposed to feel like when I was 10. Then I realized that in much of my current life, I still act like I’m 10, so I guess it’s not an earth shattering observation.

For much of the weekend, we played drinking games.

Friday night, it started with “The Wonder Years Drinking Game” which involved drinking each time the Kevin’s old man background voice came on. We happened to watch an episode where Kevin was especially confused about what was going on and thus we couldn’t really keep up.
Next, we played “Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game” which consisted of drinking anytime someone said “Mc this or Mc that,” or when someone spoke condescendingly to an intern, or when a few other things happened (I can’t really remember what it was).

After this, we took a slightly drunken walk to dinner where Josh and I argued about normal Josh Ben stuff. Specifically, if its true that tall people can walk faster because they have longer legs. I argue against, stating that all the sprinters in the world are short. He argued for it mostly b/c I can walk faster than him! Ha.

We went to a really good Italian dinner, where Josh and Judy finally agreed on the fact that they had way too much in common and that it was getting a little weird. For the second time in as many meals, they ordered the same thing.

On Saturday we drove an hour up into the mountains to Evergreen to go hiking. It was a beautiful 65 degree day and we hiked for a bout 2.5 hours.

Highlights include:
- Getting scared out of our minds when some guy yelled “He’s got a gun! Don’t move! Put your hands up!” It turns out it was some 15 year olds filming amateur video.
- Seeing about 20 dogs
- Getting really sweaty even though It was pretty cold
- Tree Jumping
- River Jumping (check the video below). (I’ll post my video when its available)

We had lunch at a biker bar, which was surprisingly good and spent the car ride back to town devising our evening drinking game.

We invented Fox Baseball Playoffs Drinking game.
We created a list of 16 things that could happen during the broadcast and randomly drafted 4 each. 1 of those 4 included a 20 second chugging event. If one of your 4 events happened, you would have to notify everyone else to drink. If you missed it, others could make you drink. And thus, we had our simple drinking game. Here are the events:
Single Drink Events
- Strikeouts
- Walks
- Runs
- Foul Balls
- Dane Cook
- Fox Track
- Team Manager
- Pitching Change
- Non Home Run Hit
- Spitting
- Pitch in the Dirt
- Mound Conversation

The Chug Events
- Home Run
- Manny Being Manny
- Double Play
- Intentional Walk

Post the game and the Red Sox winning again (this was Game 6 ALCS) we ran through the cold rain to a few bars. Judy and I hung w/Sarah for 10 minutes and Jaime for 20 minutes before meeting back with Josh and Natalia. We witnessed some guys getting arrested for throwing beer bottles from the 2nd floor at people before we headed home. When we got back to Josh’s at 1am it was about 40 degrees. When we woke at 9am for our flight, there was 2 INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND! Luckily the roads were fine and the flights were on time.

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