Friday, November 30, 2007

Thinking Gobble Gobble

I think traveling with my sister, Atara, and Lilah only took about 15 more minutes than it would have traveling alone. However, I think if I had not been there, it could have taken an extra, very stressful hour.

I think its very easy to tell that you are going to San Francisco for the holidays compared to most places in the US b/c of the amount of Asian Americans on your flight.

I think I’ve done 5 Sodoku’s in my life, and did all 3 on the plane. I think the easy one took about 30 minutes since it had been over a year, I think the medium took about 30 minutes as I perfected my methods and I think the “diabolical” puzzle took about 30 minutes too. I don’t think they are that interesting because I’m not really sure I could screw them up, or have the patience, or see the point.

I think San Francisco got smaller this year. I think we drove through the city four time and to the city two other times and the trip just seemed very short and quick and easy, especially when compared to prior years.

I think the purpose of the quiet game is defeated when the people who you are sharing the car with and won’t stop talking are the people who lose quickly so they can talk. I think I learned much about non verbal communication during those 2 hours of signing and texting.

I think my family is a bunch of nuts, with underpants baby pictures, and card playing and 4x too much turkey (two times too much two nights in a row), and crazy crazy pictures. (check them out).

I think my thankfulness for the couch analogy didn’t go over as planned. I think I should leave The Giving Tree metaphor to experts like Shell Silverstein.

I think I was disappointed in the Desserts…where’s the chocolate?

I think we played these games over the weekend: Parcheesi, Balderdash, War, Memory, Ginasta, Super Ginasta, Yanive, Poker, Blackjack, Douroc, and of course Rack-O.

I think Steiny and I both felt really old playing pickup basketball with 18 and 19 year olds. At least I don't think I felt as old as David did when he has to explain how he was visiting his wife’s family and the “YOU HAVE A WIFE” response came back at him. I think I graduated college before these kids entered high school.

I think Senegalese food wasn’t anything different than other food I’d eaten, though I think it was pretty good.

I think my Ghirardelli milkshake at the Ghirardelli factory was pretty good too, though I think I’d prefer if I could tell them exactly how to make it w/my own special recipe. I think that’s why I like small non chain ice cream shops better.

I think I wish I had a video to post for this post. I think I wish I had either videotaped my mom and aunt talking (b/c sometimes they’re just crazy fabulous “100”) or wish I had taped Steiny, Sperry, and I running through a fountain in the middle of a 45 degree San Fran day just because there was a dare.

I think I’m not sure I’ll go back to SF next year. I think I have fun, but I also think this year was somewhat boring because everyone was sick. Therefore, we didn’t go out one night. I also think that I get stuffed up because of the cats and can’t breathe because of the shedding rug. I also think my 10 year high school reunion might be T-Giving next year.

I think this whole food situation on cross country flights totally sucks. They have a turkey sandwich or junk food and we’re on the plane for 7 hours. I think even the purchasable food options are much worse than the old hot food options. I think I actually pine for the days for the “chicken or lasagna?” question from the stewardess.

I think I got on a plane at 3pm eastern time, landed at 9pm eastern and had dinner at 11pm eastern going to SF and coming home, it was on the plane at 1, landing at 11:30 and skipping dinner. I think this needs to change.

I think, even though I wrote extensively about this earlier, that airlines and pilots lie to us and we need to remind ourselves of that each time we get on a plane.

I think I should add a few more rules to that list"
1) I think if they don’t show you the flight pattern on the TV after showing you the flight pattern the whole flight, there is likely something they don’t want you to see.
2) I think when they tell you that there’s a 1 hour wait to land, and they need to land somewhere else to get more fuel just to go circle again, and then 30 minutes later, miraculously, there’s no problem landing anymore, and the airports empty when you do land, that someone was just lying to you somewhere. Ok, that made no sense.

I think I like these family trips because in 5 days I spent about $20 of my own money

Here are my non trip thoughts of the week:

I think Juju provided more proof about how screwed up the mind can be from a small amount of harmless drugs. She took an Ambien and wrote me an incoherent email (which I can’t post b/c of her embarrassment) She then complained about how the Ambien didn’t work. I can’t imagine how screwed up my mind would be if I were on strong drugs after surgery or something like that.

I think I tried and succeeded at keeping my credit card balance under $1,000 even though I purchased a flight on it. I was within $10 of $1,000 when I got my refund from last month and they closed the bill.

I think I don’t get J&M but I think I’m leaning toward M’s story more, or maybe I just feel bad for her and like her more.

I think maybe I should put up a disclaimer like this guy did for my website.


Anonymous said...

I think you also learned the best way to get rid of hiccups...

Anonymous said...

If that commenter is the one who helped with the cure, bravo!

Anonymous said...

Not even one game of shithead or super shithead?

favorite fan said...

I think I loved the couch analogy. What was it?