Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Month

It's holiday month here in banking world. It starts 10 days after Thanksgiving every year and goes through the week before the week that has Christmas. This 3 weeks are really easy during the day, and pretty brutal at night.

Let me explain:
Monday night was spent with BNP Paribas at the new Contemporary Art Museum on Bowery. The museum was actually pretty cool, the art was a joke (or I didn't get it). It was all sculpture, and was all like some 9 year old went into his basement with a glue gun and stuck some things together. A bicycle with bags on the handle and GI Joe figures glued to it all. Very strange, messy stuff.

Tuesday night I had drinks with Lehman Brothers, but I could have gone to Watchovia's Casino night party.

Wednesday night was our holiday party, though I could have gone to Lehman's party at Chelsea peers or Goldman at Volstead or Wachovia's ice skating at Rock Center (yes, they rent out the rink for a session).

Tonight, I'm off to the Rangers game instead of going to Citi's Party.

This is mostly me bragging, and also realizing that there's no way I'm going to be sub 200 lbs by the end of the year.

Lastly, here's an UPDATED list of things to buy me for the holidays if you didn't get me anything yet. I should register somewhere.

Smaller Items:
A spring jacket (black/generic)
A deck of cards or 4 (without my sisters picture on it)
Crazy glue (you can never have enough)
A breifcase (black/generic) (GOT IT!)
A shoe rack
More closet space (figure that one out...)
A comb
A Wall Street Journal Subscription (no Saturdays)
A gift cert to a good restaurant

Big ticket items:
New golf clubs
A gym membership
A Cezanne print of the Card Players (cash refund, I just ordered on
A laptop

Even bigger ticket items:
A bike w/a motor (cycle or vespa or somethin)
A 2 bedroom apartment