Monday, January 28, 2008

NFL Combine

As many of you know, NFL Football is by far my favorite sport to follow and watch on TV (while Hockey is my favorite sport to watch live and Volleyball is my favorite sport to play). I read dozens of articles on Football every week, have been a Jets season ticket holder for 6 years, and have the ability to notice holes in defenses, penalties and really bad coaching decisions.

I have decided to make my first attempt to go to the NFL combine. I've been wanting to go to this for a long long time for a few reasons:

1) Press only, No fans allowed
2) Unprecedented access to the rookie players, coaches and their staffs
3) Extremely athletic 22 year olds and extremely unathletic lineman taking the strangest physical tests that have very little to do with football, especially considering they do none of these test with pads on.

Here's what I've done so far.

I've gone to for more information. This site told me that media passes were issued by invite only. Well, how do I get an invite?
I moved along to This site told me to go to and click on event credentials and click on NFL combine.
So I go to and realize first I must register as media before I can apply for credentials.

As internet media, I'm very curious as to what the specifications for A) registration and B) credentials are. Is it how long I've been writing? (4.5 years) or how many readers I have (15 per day) or how many readers I've ever had (tens of thousands).

The only piece of the registration part that stumped me was the "organization tab." Technically this website is not a corporation, and therefore is not an organization. I've filled it out as and My title is also writer.

While this registration and subsequent credential request are no slam dunk, I do believe they should be granted for the following reasons. A) I'm meticulous in my research and analysis. B) I love football, have played football, have a vast knowledge of football, and play too much fantasy football. C) I am a very objective observer. D) I will take this seriously, and report seriously on what I deem to be important at the combine. E) The articles on my trips and adventures are some of the best I've ever done.

Wish me Luck

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Question of the Day

Is this a homeless person at the 23rd street stop, or a pile of garbage...

(click the picture for the answer)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekly Links

I did a little surfing this week. Here's what I've got:

Figure Out Who To Vote For (Though this may have been created by the Kucinich people)

A Pay Toilet in NYC (With Room for 3 People!!)

Girls Are Evil (So True)

Twins Get Married (Sounds Fake)

You Can Buy The Secret To Life (Really Cheap)

I Prefer the Thermometer to the Lightbulb Trick

Ever Want To Really Tear Into Someone? (A Great Resource)

Another Reason Prague is sooo 5 Years Ago (I missed it)

This is by far my cheapest week ever in NYC. I was sick most of the week, so I skipped dinner every single night. (I had OJ and Water and Chocolate and Leftover Birthday Ice Cream Cake, but that's not really dinner). The most expensive thing I did was buy Friday breakfast for my group because I lost the putting contest on Thrusday afternoon. All in all, from Sunday afternoon until today (Friday), I've likely spent $40...all on food. Now that's insane.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Slightly Satisified

I always disliked having conversations with conservatives about taxes. I've always been of the opinion that the well off (including myself) should be taxed more than they are now while the less fortunate should be taxed less. The economic theory supporting this is the velocity of money, which is much much higher for the lower classes than the upper classes. (Velocity of money the speed at which money is used in transactions, or how fast someone spends money when they get it. Similar to inventory turnover but w/dollars). The lower class having more money, means a stronger economy.

Anyway, whenever I would argue that I should pay more taxes (as Warren Buffet does), I always get the same response. "No one is stopping you from paying more taxes, you can just pay more, but don't make 'ME' pay more too." Usually, I'd be stumped and say "That's not the point." Now, I'm happy to report, that it appears that I can now say "Actually, I do!" Apparently, I've been overpaying taxes for quite some time, and I have a credit account with NY, NJ and the Feds. Instead of asking for the money back at the end of the year, I've "apparently" told NY, NJ and the Feds to keep it and roll it into next years taxes, which I'll likely overpay and roll into the next year. Of course, I'm only discovering this b/c this year is the first time I actually looked at my taxes (yay accountants). Somehow, the knowledge that I overpay my taxes and now have a comeback to this argument is totally worth the money I'm out.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Question of the Year:

Pt 1:
If Daniella, Her Husband David, and I split a $60 gift, do I pay half, or 1/3?

Pt 2:
If we split the gift by 1/3 vs 1/2, how much should I expect when my birthday rolls around?

I hope this does not offend anyone, but its been fun discussing, so I'm curious if anyone has an opinion.

In my next post, I'll let you know the outcomes of what's happened. (mostly unresolved)

Had a lil bday party. Thanks for everyone who came. HERE ARE THE PICTURES

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holiday Hiatus

Much apologies for the holiday hiatus, but I spent much of that time running around to FL, CT, AC and to various parties all over the city.

Xmas was good times this year, Spent $300 in AC ($200 on gambling) and woke up early to drive to the city and get to work on time. I’ve been working 4-6 hour days the last 2 weeks and it’s wonderful!! After work no Xmas Eve I got on a train and headed to CT for the evening and following day. Not much to say, very relaxing, fun, quiet day w/lotsa presents. Here are a few pictures of both sides of the tree. Yea, that’s all presents for 5 people. (Click them for bigger pictures)

New Year’s Eve was spent dressed in a suit at a private New York City social club called the Core Club. One of my cousins rented out a room for the evening, and got too much food and too much alcohol. After midnight we hopped around for a bit.

Here are the pictures

Considering it’s not only my birthday (tomorrow), but also a new year, here’s a fun list.

Things I Learned this Year:

I learned that I hate button flies, they are really annoying at urinals, but boot cut jeans look good on my skinny legs
I learned Tori Birch shoes are just normal payless shoes with a big ugly circle on it. I learned that guys would look absolutely silly if they had those stupid circles on their shoes. However, I learned that a great Halloween costume for a guy would be to dress as one big Tori Birch Shoe.
I learned that 70% of girls are 30% nuts and 30% of girls are 70% nuts. I’m comfortable in the 5% nuts range.
I learned that Facebook is the new Myspace is the new Friendster is still pretty stupid.
I learned that you can be peer pressured into adding friends, just so you don’t insult the friend of a friend of a friend who you met drunk one night.
I learned that since I have not thrown out any shoes in the last year, I have way too many pairs, and have no more closet space.
I learned that “Lost” drives its viewers as crazy as Myst, the computer game, used to drive its players.
I learned that Love Actually is all about terrible, terrible relationships and should be renamed Lust Actually. Think about all the matches:
There’s the guy who’s in love with his best friends wife who he’s never talked to and who makes a tape of her so he can watch her whenever he wants
There’s the guy who’s thinking about cheating on his wife, dreaming of his secretary
There’s the guy and girl who don’t speak the same language, but somehow are in love
There’s the kid who never talks to the girl he likes, but devises a scheme to get noticed by playing the drums
There’s that kids dad, who meets someone but can’t talk properly yet somehow she still likes him.
There’s the woman and her coworker who never talk, but decide to dance together at the Christmas party and have sex after the party only to get interrupted by her psycho brother.
There’s the English guy who can’t get an English girl so he flies to the US and has a 4some with hot Americans just because he’s got an accent.
And there’s the Prime Minister, who’s in love with is secretary, but can’t really talk to her b/c he’s smitten.
The only real relationship in the whole movie is the 2 porn star stand-ins, who actually talk to each other, go on dates and meet each other’s families and whatnot.
To me, the whole movie is about lust, and obsession with someone that you’ve never spoken with or had a normal conversation with.
Speaking of move name changes, Charlie Wilson’s war was great, but the title should be changed to “Joanne Herring’s War.” The whole thing was her idea and she’s a lobbyist and a mistress. Maybe it should have been Prostitute Lawmaker’s War, because he just sold sex and war for money.
I learned that Fire Island is so much more fun than Belmar.
I learned that Barcelona is an amazing city.
I learned that I'm hot because I'm fly, and you aint because you not.
I learned that I suck at foreign languages because A) I can’t spell B) Languages and vocabulary are learned through repetition, not through smarts, and thus, you actually have to study to learn, unlike math based learning.
I learned that the Spear’s are the Beverly Hillbillies.