Monday, January 28, 2008

NFL Combine

As many of you know, NFL Football is by far my favorite sport to follow and watch on TV (while Hockey is my favorite sport to watch live and Volleyball is my favorite sport to play). I read dozens of articles on Football every week, have been a Jets season ticket holder for 6 years, and have the ability to notice holes in defenses, penalties and really bad coaching decisions.

I have decided to make my first attempt to go to the NFL combine. I've been wanting to go to this for a long long time for a few reasons:

1) Press only, No fans allowed
2) Unprecedented access to the rookie players, coaches and their staffs
3) Extremely athletic 22 year olds and extremely unathletic lineman taking the strangest physical tests that have very little to do with football, especially considering they do none of these test with pads on.

Here's what I've done so far.

I've gone to for more information. This site told me that media passes were issued by invite only. Well, how do I get an invite?
I moved along to This site told me to go to and click on event credentials and click on NFL combine.
So I go to and realize first I must register as media before I can apply for credentials.

As internet media, I'm very curious as to what the specifications for A) registration and B) credentials are. Is it how long I've been writing? (4.5 years) or how many readers I have (15 per day) or how many readers I've ever had (tens of thousands).

The only piece of the registration part that stumped me was the "organization tab." Technically this website is not a corporation, and therefore is not an organization. I've filled it out as and My title is also writer.

While this registration and subsequent credential request are no slam dunk, I do believe they should be granted for the following reasons. A) I'm meticulous in my research and analysis. B) I love football, have played football, have a vast knowledge of football, and play too much fantasy football. C) I am a very objective observer. D) I will take this seriously, and report seriously on what I deem to be important at the combine. E) The articles on my trips and adventures are some of the best I've ever done.

Wish me Luck


Anonymous said...

Good luck. Very excited to see what you write and hopeful you get accepted!!!

your taller bro-in-law said...

I wish you luck, but am pessimistic about your chances of getting the invite. (I would be willing to wager on it...)

Favorite Fan said...

Good luck. Could you write about it anyway even if you don't get accepted? As Jerry Seinfeld's mother said, on one of the episodes, "How could they not like you?"