Monday, January 07, 2008


Question of the Year:

Pt 1:
If Daniella, Her Husband David, and I split a $60 gift, do I pay half, or 1/3?

Pt 2:
If we split the gift by 1/3 vs 1/2, how much should I expect when my birthday rolls around?

I hope this does not offend anyone, but its been fun discussing, so I'm curious if anyone has an opinion.

In my next post, I'll let you know the outcomes of what's happened. (mostly unresolved)

Had a lil bday party. Thanks for everyone who came. HERE ARE THE PICTURES


Miss Manners said...

I think it's obvious that you should pay 1/2, they are a unit.

Judy said...

To me, it seems that you should pay 1/2 of the gift because David wouldn't be paying if he was not married to your sister.

Ann Landers said...

I agree with Miss Manners

Meistro said...

Considering these comments, I should further the question. I will have to purchase presents for each, my sisters and my inlaws. Thus, paying $120 over a year (2 sibs, 2 in laws). I will get combined gifts from each, netting $60 of income. Does that seem equitible? If I have to get gifts for each, shouldn't recieve gifts from each (or value equivalent?). Doesn't it seem as though I am supplementing the gifts from the groups of inlaws to eachother?

Maybe consider the prospective of if I didn't exist and if they would pay more for gifts (per person) or the same.

Meistro said...

The other thing to consider is that it becomes obvious, that I should not combine gifts with the couples. If I am paying $30 to each, and recieving $15 from each, I would be much better off just getting each a $15 gift...which is even less than the $20 I was willing to pay in the 1/3 scenario.

Favorite Fan said...

You are an entity. The couple, with or without children, is also a single entity.

Steiny said...

FYI, I did not post that last comment

Anonymous said...

i think it depends on who the gift is for... if all three of you are independently friends with the recipient, then everyone should chip in equally. if your brother-in-law is only part of it because he's married to your sister, then they should pay half (collectively) and you should pay half.

Meistro said...

Anon - So if my B-I-L doesn't have to get me a gift, b/c he's only friends w/me b/c he's married to my sister, then do I have to get him a Bday, Hanukkah, Father's day, or Anniversary gift? (notice how there are 4 events, where as I'd only recieve for 2 events). I'd say, Of course I'm getting him a gift, so thus he should be chipping in.

What has yet to be explored is that by marriage, the B-I-L now has 2x as big a family, and thus has to give 2x as many gifts, while I only have 4 more to give (or 6 eventually).