Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekly Links

I did a little surfing this week. Here's what I've got:

Figure Out Who To Vote For (Though this may have been created by the Kucinich people)

A Pay Toilet in NYC (With Room for 3 People!!)

Girls Are Evil (So True)

Twins Get Married (Sounds Fake)

You Can Buy The Secret To Life (Really Cheap)

I Prefer the Thermometer to the Lightbulb Trick

Ever Want To Really Tear Into Someone? (A Great Resource)

Another Reason Prague is sooo 5 Years Ago (I missed it)

This is by far my cheapest week ever in NYC. I was sick most of the week, so I skipped dinner every single night. (I had OJ and Water and Chocolate and Leftover Birthday Ice Cream Cake, but that's not really dinner). The most expensive thing I did was buy Friday breakfast for my group because I lost the putting contest on Thrusday afternoon. All in all, from Sunday afternoon until today (Friday), I've likely spent $40...all on food. Now that's insane.


Anonymous said...

I love that you are posting more often. Totally improves my day!

Meistro said...

I try....I wonder who this "my" is? :)

favorite fan said...

I love putting in the office.