Thursday, February 21, 2008

Florida Feb 08

Some highlights from the trip:

Musical Babysitting. Yes, its sounds exactly like what it means. We ate dinner at a restaurant 1 block from our hotel, we drew straws randomly, and then every 15 minutes someone would leave the table and go relieve the baby sitter in the room. 6 of the 7 of us got to babysit for 15 minutes, and we all enjoyed our dinner...ok...well the dinner was average.

Anyone know any single Latino Jewish boys? Daniella's friend who lives in the Ft Lauderdale area is looking for someone w/those characteristics, She's not picky at all, let me know! :).

My nieces are such great kids, and yet they are such great birth control reminders. Is that hypocrisy?

My parents stated they are willing to sacrifice the happiness of their children, in order to have the room with the better view. (it was funny, very funny)

Bingo is the easiest game ever, and my family is awesome at it. We won 6 of the first 9 games or something out of the 50 people playing.

Both flights seemed very very fast (besides the 1 wheel landing which was the longest 1/2 second of the year). On the first we flew Jetblue, had individual TV's and thus time passed quickly. On the second we played 1 game of Ginasta (takes about an hour) and then we descended for 45 minutes.

Yuka, a Cuban restaurant on Franklin/Lincoln ave/square/st was awesome. Salsa lessons upstairs every Friday and Sunday night. Wow was that food good though!


I'm working on a very long Q&A, relationship oriented, (though nothing to do w/my current situation) but I need a few more questions. Feel free to send them to

Also, here are last weeks and this weeks links, combined:

Sexual Chemistry Runs Out? I think Italians are just bad lovers!

Teachers are the strangest people in the world, and some can't even read.

More proof that teachers are nuts

19-0 Reebok Commercial that never was

Honest Valentines Day Cards Video

Honest Valentines Day Cards

If your face gets really cold in the winter

I need a new Laptop, so I can lose it and make $$

Why would you wait 45 years to tell people you were JFK's son?

The list of worst food in America makes me very hungry

If someone goes crazy at the space station, do you think the sane crew, or the crazy person, would get the gun first? I'd put money on the crazy person taking the gun.

This isn't creepy or weird, its just unnecessary.

Phenomenal website for when you need a good line quickly. Its silly how important crap like this is.

Statutory Elephant Rape...

This frog would scare the crap out of me

When I bartended, we'd always send messages back to the kitchen, I don't get the big deal.

If I had $8 Million Dollars (sing it!)

If I ever were to buy a diamond, it would have to be a killer diamond

This guy would rock the boxing strength arcade game

I'm a PC user, does that mean I should vote Clinton?

If the government declares you dead, can you commit crimes and get away w/them?

Botox gone bad

I would see all of these movies...especially in IMAX...though I've never seen Clue!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Thought this was funny, I should follow this chart every day. Click to enlarge.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What else?

I don't know what else to write about considering nothing really happened in the last week at all worth talking about. . . .

Without Soprano's, 6ft Under, or Entourage (till the summer), we quit HBO. After 2 months, I'm quite happy with the decision. They jacked up prices 30% to $14 or 15 (I don't remember) for ZERO added value. When I saw it on my bill and called immediately, asking them to remove. I check the 6 HBO channels all the time, and there's nothing ever on. Even during this no TV strike period, HBO still is worthless. I'm going to start it up again for Entourage, but that's it.

I still don't know what bank branches are for. But apparently they're good for 1 thing.

I thought it was real.

I kinda think we should boycott the Olympics. Too bad we've outsourced our whole economy to them. Just an interesting article.

I definitely would have gotten suspended in this school.

I just though you should know

I'm glad to be an American

Why I like short girls

A friend of mine wrote in Jim Boeheim. And some people are so stupid.

You couldn't pay me enough money to do this.

This is really funny, but kinda racist, or reverse racist.

I wouldn't, but I know many who would.

Much props to Jess, FYI, who I exchange links w/all week.

This is just gross:

Monday, February 04, 2008

Last Weeks Links - Delayed

This Weeks Links:

Why I Don't Buy Lottery Tkts? (You can't trust the state to pay)

I Totally Missed It This Year. (But I'll be marking my calendars for next year)

I wonder how well the seats are cleaned after each flight... (What's the point of stripping if you have to do it on the plane!)

When I Die, Please Bury Me Within The Year (To paraphrase Seinfeld, If horses knew it was so easy to die from running, would they do it?)

If Sad People Kill Themselves, And Happy People Die Too, How Do We Find the Middle? (This could explain the jolly fat person phenominon)

Since Drinking Increases Memory Loss, Shouldn't We Just Puke it Up? (I kinda like having all my memories from years 13-24 burried)

How Do I Invest In This Company?!?! (I bet this was created by Rutgers Kids)

This Month Has Been My Sickest In Years (So when it snows, I don't get sick, so I'm happy but not too happy)

Especially Today, This Makes Me Happy! (And that scares me)

One Hilarious Old School Video

And Another