Monday, February 04, 2008

Last Weeks Links - Delayed

This Weeks Links:

Why I Don't Buy Lottery Tkts? (You can't trust the state to pay)

I Totally Missed It This Year. (But I'll be marking my calendars for next year)

I wonder how well the seats are cleaned after each flight... (What's the point of stripping if you have to do it on the plane!)

When I Die, Please Bury Me Within The Year (To paraphrase Seinfeld, If horses knew it was so easy to die from running, would they do it?)

If Sad People Kill Themselves, And Happy People Die Too, How Do We Find the Middle? (This could explain the jolly fat person phenominon)

Since Drinking Increases Memory Loss, Shouldn't We Just Puke it Up? (I kinda like having all my memories from years 13-24 burried)

How Do I Invest In This Company?!?! (I bet this was created by Rutgers Kids)

This Month Has Been My Sickest In Years (So when it snows, I don't get sick, so I'm happy but not too happy)

Especially Today, This Makes Me Happy! (And that scares me)

One Hilarious Old School Video

And Another


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