Sunday, March 23, 2008

Israel Friday


Woke up on the plane around 6:30am Israel time, 12:30am New York Time. Its quite strange waking up earlier than I normally would have gone to bed on a quiet weeknight. We landed at 8:15 and was through security and had my bags by 8:35. Its amazing the difference between being in row 18 and row 45, in terms of how long the passport control line is. I thanked my single serving friend for our friendship, jumped into the car with Lori and Maureen, my cousins, and headed up north toward their kibbutz.

Slept fo 1.5 hours on the couch, and then had 2 other 30 minute naps throughout the day. I had cereal at 3pm for lunch, which didn’t seem that strange at all considering it was only 9am for me.
We took a little walk up to see the horses and the mountain (pictures to follow when I get back).
The smells of spring were almost overwhelming. I noticed them right away when my eyes watered and my nose stuffed up, but the scent of lavendar and flowers in the air was so strong everywhere we went, accept near the far (smelled like cows).

Friday evening was the big party of the year at the Kibbutz, the Purim party. We dressed in costume (picutres to follow though I repeated from a couple years ago). Most of the people from the kibbutz where there, well the 18 – 35 crowd, and a few older folks. Free booze and 3 hours later, everyone was dancing.

Israeli dancing is very different from american dancing. They jump around a lot, like from one foot to the other, instead of just bouncing. Its almost like a controlled mosh. Because of this, they get sweaty and tired pretty easily, especially after drinking all night. I think out of everyone, at 3am, I had the most energy, considering for me it only felt like 9pm.

Unfortunately, that meant I had to try to fall asleep that early again (not as early as 6pm the previous night, but still early). No drugs were necessary this time as the Alcohol did its job.

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