Monday, March 24, 2008

Israel Sunday

I took a run this morning for the first time in way too long. I decided to take time lapse pictures of my face as I skip shaving for the week and realized that my chin has split, and is now tow chins...thus I ran. I ran to the end of the Kibbutz next to my cousin’s kibbutz and back, stopping half way at my grandmother’s grave to pay my respects. Was probably a mile run, each way, which is a mile more than I’ve ran in the last year. Boy I hate running. It’s so hard on the knees and so boring.

My allergies are just killing me today. My eyes are watering, I’m sneezing every 30 minutes and my nose is starting to hurt. When we finally meet up w/my older sister in Jerusalem this evening (she’d spent the weekend there instead of at the Kibbutz), I take some Clairton, from Ariel, which seems to help.

Most of the day was spent in transit from Hefzi Ba, in the north, to Jerusalem, about 120Km away. We stopped at a cheese factory, to pick up some kosher cheese and stopped at a winery to buy some wine to have w/that cheese.

In-between these stops, I should have been listening to stories about the landscape, and viewing the countryside, but instead, I was drifting in and out of consciousness. I was so tired I would have thought I was sick, had I not been seriously jetlagged.

Our last stop, 30 minutes outside of Jerusalem, was at an awesome lunch place in an Arab village. No one ordered food (except me foolishly), and the waiter brought out about 20 different dipping dishes and such to dip our homemade fresh pita in. Yummy!

Jerusalem is where our “Kissinger Family Reunion” begins. Around 6pm I walk to the basement conference area to see a group of overly friendly over 50 year olds all talking to each other. Yea, I was really excited to be there. I kidna listened and watched the speeches being given, and the power point presentation on our family and its origins, but didn’t really talk to anyone. I didn’t really feel that close to these people who were supposed to be my family. And they were all sooo friendly. The event probably should have separated the 10 under 35 year olds from the rest of the group, so I wouldn’t have to explain to a 70 year old man from Sweden what I did for a living. Man I hate that question. I should lie more often.

At 10pm, I was as wide awake as I had been all day…yet we decided to try to sleep for there was a big day planned on Monday.

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