Sunday, March 23, 2008

Israel Saturday Quickie


Woke up at 11am, which was supposidly sleeping in, though it felt really really early. Ok, I’m done talking about early/late/jet lag related topics for the rest of the week.

Anyway, we hit up a mall in the morning, though most of the stores weren’t open b/c of Shabbat, I wanted to see what kinda styles were popular, so when I shopped later in the week (for a years worth of clothes) I’d know what to look for.

You gotta love moms. I may be 28, and we may be staying at my aunts house, but when I asked her to make me lunch (eggs and toast), there was no hesitation.

I really did nothing today, besides a siesta, writing on here, and some Itunes organizing. Oh, and Dinner up in the mountains. You know it’s a good dessert when you remember that it took 20 minutes to prepare last time, a year ago, so you order it just before you finish your main course. Yummy.

My phone is pretty much fully capable out here. Last year I text messaged during my trip and I don’t think it cost me anything (bills still go to the rents, though I pay them monthly, or annually). This time, I’m texting, emailing, and receiving facebook messages…of course I have my laptop here too, so I’m pretty much as connected as I would have been had I been home.

Took me two hours to fall asleep last night. Oy, spent the whole time thinking…that was weird. I totally over thank a few things, texted a few people too many times, and thought I scared away “square”, but I was wrong, thankfully. Wow, I’m never dating someone who can’t sleep…you def over think everything staying up in bed.

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