Saturday, March 22, 2008

Israel Thursdsay


I have been inspired by Sue to live blog kinda…or post on daily basis. She’s in Bucharest, or Budapest, or Prague…and has been posting daily tidbits…which I really enjoy. I'll be adding links and pictures and whatnot, once I get back.

As I get older, I don’t fly as well. I def get sweaty hands more often than I used to upon take off. Landing I’m fine as long as there’s no turbulence, but those steep take off arcs really get to me.
Kinda funny finishing the last 2/3 of a book that takes place on Purim, on Purim. I highly recommend “The Trial of God” which is a play, that is supposed to be performed on Purim, and discusses where is god when the world goes wrong? Of course it asks more questions than it answers. The great thing about reading a play, which I had not done since high school, is that a play should only take 2 hours or so to perform. So if I can read close to as fast as people type, it should take only a few hours to read, which it did.

$15 for lunch at the airport, damn…but I could never stay upset at The Steak Escape for too long.

No one in middle, though it was still taken when I checked in…someone probably missed their connection.

The person I share the middle seat with, Hadar, was a great single serving friend. Her parent were flight attendants, so she was hooked up constantly with first class amenities, which she shares. Of course she wanted to hook me up with her 35 year old Philly friends, but that isn’t an option right now. Turns out a real upgrade to first class would have cost 30,000 miles and $400.

Poor David, a bachelor all alone, couldn’t sleep w/o his wife. I kinda hate sleeping alone too.
The movie selections were terrible. Enchanted is what I would have watched and I’d seen it already but that channel wasn’t working. Had to choose between Becoming Jane and Evening. I chose Ambien.

Besides sleeping and reading my book, I did some Itunes organizing. I’ve moved most of my documents and songs over to my new computer, but I didn’t want to move everything, so I’ve been spending a few hours reorganizing my Itunes, all 3,000 songs, putting them into playlists. Its kinda fun, but quite tedious.

I kinda think a TV show w/a Blog attached would really interest people. Like if Carrie’s articles from Sex and The City were actually published every week w/the show in USA today or something.

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