Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sick Week

Sick Week:

I was pretty sick all week this week. Not run down / tired / flu sick, but coughing for no reason / stomach ache sick. The coughing was due to my asthma activating after spending a full day in outdoors in the snow in 30 degrees up in high altitude. Now, whenever I breathe hard, I wheeze. Additionally, my lungs are weak, so I cough, and thus my lungs don’t heel, creating a never ending cycle until it warms up enough, or I get meds. I’m picking up my meds today. Hopefully, sick week will be over soon, I don’t like being sick, and I rarely am.

I was totally unprepared for rain on my trip to DC this week for Passover. I fit all of my clothes for the weekend into a backpack, which meant that I wore the same thing to both Seders (Passover Dinners) and to work on Monday. That wasn’t a problem, as long as I kept everything clean (undergarments were changed obviously). The problem was that it rained all day Sunday, my day off and I was totally unprepared. I had no jeans, no coat, no sneakers, no umbrella, and no athletic socks. I’d only brought shorts, a Tie Dyed T Shirt and a sandals. I was expecting partly cloudy and 70, not raining and 70. Oops. Anyway, I ended up walking around town on Sunday looking like a fool. I couldn’t wear my sandals, I couldn’t wear my nice clothes, so I kinda put the two outfits together….I should have taken a picture. I looked pretty sick.

The Seders went well…though technically no Seder is supposed to go past midnight, and we had one that lasted till 1:27am, but still, none were that bad. Of course I just loved being the only person above 12 who was single. That just makes them soooo much more fun.

Interesting story that may give you insight into my personality:

While in Bethesda, Maryland for Passover, I had all day Sunday to walk around town, in the rain, with almost nothing to do. I got my daily ice cream craving just as it started raining really hard. (This is a daily occurrence for me, no matter the weather, today I hit the Mr. Softie truck). I turned my back on the chain ice cream shop and headed to the local outlet. Inside, I requested my not yet infamous milk shake concoction, which if you search “ice cream” in the search bar above, you’ll probably find the recipe. The 15 year olds working behind the counter happily took my order. Their friends, who were stranded inside, hiding from the rain, looked on in astonishment and jealousy, while blurting the words “that sounds amazing.” “Oh, it is!” I replied. After my drink was finished, I grabbed 3 straws, handed them to the kiddies and offered them a try. When their eyes widened after tasting it, I ordered another one, so they could split their own. Yea, it’s that good. The funniest thing about the whole experience, besides how friendly these 15 year olds were to a strange 28 year old wearing shorts, a tie dyed T-shirt, a sports coat and dress shoes and socks w/no umbrella, was the kid from the movie theatre. Half way through making my first drink, the 15 year old from the movie theatre next door comes in and says “I’ll trade you a pop corn for 2 vanilla cones.” I had no clue this stuff happened, but the 15 year old behind the counter didn’t even flinch, “make it 2 popcorns and a sprite,” “Deal!” 2 minutes later, they exchanged goods. I was laughing the whole time, and that is why you don’t go to the chain ice cream store.

I hung out w/my SS friend last week and she mentioned to me how one of the things about me she’ll always remember is when I said that Jazz music beings in elevators only. It’s funny what people remember about you.

Things I’ve been thinking:

I think my 6 month Ipod hiatus is officially over. In Denver I got new headsets, and now I’m officially back on the Juice. It was a nice break while it lasted.

I think in the last 2 weeks I either got off the bus when a handicapped person was getting on, or I just kept walking instead of getting on the bus because a handicapped person was getting on. I think it’s insensitive of me, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I definitely think I saved time. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I think blackberry messenger is just another way I can avoid ever having to call anyone. I have no problem talking to people in person, but I really don’t like the phone…at all.

I think I like my new aviators, they make me feel like a movie star, and that’s important when I’m hanging out with other famous people.

Things I lied about this week:

I told someone that I don’t drink coffee because I don’t do drugs and coffee is pretty much Speed. The truth is I don’t drink coffee because I don’t really like it, though I do believe that it is a drug and I do believe it is pretty much speed.

I told someone I was allergic to ice cubes. The truth is that would be impossible.

I told someone that tooth brushing and cleaning is a myth propagated by Dentists in order to help themselves and the tooth brush and tooth paste industry. I used facts like “I know people who brush every day and have tons of cavities while I hardly brush and have no cavities.” This was a tough argument to win, but I did get them to concede that some genetics are important in the quality of your teeth.

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Video of the Week - Unimbedded:

Cats are sooo cute

Video of the week - Embedded:
A video I took of Jesse Rubenfeld playing w/Chaz singing. Its really good.

Passover Video of the Week:

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