Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thinking About Nothing

Last week I was still sick. I think I spent 2 evenings on my couch, at home, alone watching Netfilx and catching up on DVR. I think I was planning on a 3rd boring, depressing, night alone last week when I got a call on my way home to meet at the garden in 15 minutes for Chris Rock. That made my week. I think I even stopped coughing through most of it!

I think on Chris Rock’s Comedy Central special, he talks a lot about “The Tussin” (Robatussin), and coincidentally, I was taking lots of it for the week. Now my coughing is gone, no thanks to Advair!

I think I laughed on the subway when I saw a guy reading a book called “So you want to be like Christ? – 8 essentials to get you there.” I think it’s funny that the reader trusted that some author knows Christ so well. I think it's like reading the bible's cliff notes.

I think I’m jealous of my friend, The Bridge, who spent the better part of last week in New Orleans building houses. I think I’d like to take a 3 day trip down there or to somewhere and do some real charity work instead of just charitable giving.

I think I saw a really really strange movie last week at Tribecca Film Festival. I think it was called the “Wild man of the Navado” or something like that, and it was all about an urban legend of a half human half deer man killer. I think we saw Rosie, Jane Fonda, Padma (top chef), and the guy who played Jim Carey’s best friend in “The Truman Show.”

I think that one of the best ways to move up someone’s top friend list is to go to a birthday party they are throwing. I think if you are ranked in the top 50, but are one of 15 people to show up, you automatically move into the top 25, as they are pleasently surprised. I think you only need to stay for 20 minutes for this to have the proper effect.

I think I'm officially hooked to my blackberry and bbm. BBM or blackberry messenger is just another way to talk to someone w/o actually having a real conversation. I think other forms of this include: Email, IM, Gchat, Facebook, Texting, letter writing and Smoke Signals (though I'm not sure which of the last 2 are more outdated).

I think that when the interns start, our office will be much more fun to work in. I think when last summer’s interns start working full time, I’ll become more productive. I think I can’t wait 2 more weeks till they do.

I think I found something I like more than volleyball and bedroom activities. Hopefully I can tell you about it someday.

I think not wearing a seatbelt in a taxi is almost as stupid as taking one of those bicycle rickshaw rides down 5th avenue. I think my friend was in a small fender bender and had his mouth wired shut for 6 weeks because his jaw broke when his head hit the paneling in front of him. I think I’ll be wearing mine forever.

I think I’m really excited to move to a new apartment, and kind of embarrassed about how much I’ll be spending in rent on the new apartment. I think it’s really nice though, and I think it’ll really make me happy living there.

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