Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whole Lotta Linking

Not sure if anyone likes this stuff...but here are about a months worth of intersting links.

Someone Paid $350 for THIS.

THIS museum would make me uncomfortable.

I wonder if my left arm is really MY TWIN

How Sex and the City Ruined NEW YORK


Stop Laughing - Smiling is bad for you

Girl Got Fired for Laughing (mabye b/c it was bad for her health)

These Bugs may save the world

The Shotgun Rules

Cool Celebrity Tatoo's - I mean Tatoo's of Celebrities

When I have a choice, I will always Choose Ryan Air

I like Steven Segal so much, THIS ARTICLE made me cry, ah the memories

So you think being a scientist is cool? HERE are the not so cool science jobs

Some Below Average Advice on how to deal with stress - Daydreaming?

While women just want to get married, men actually make A "Rational Decision"

THIS is why I want to go to Romania

There are 2 things I like Doing on a Toilet, and sleeping is the other

NYT article about the guy who slept over his favorite bar

Crayon Art

Cool Hairstyles that look terrible but cool

Always check the barn - FOR RICHES

Awesome Snow Globes

THIS IS why you need to be close with your family.

Can I install this Pizza Vending Machine in my house?

Earth most likely won't explode / implode from THIS MACHINE

I'm quite happy to be employed, and not THIS GUY

My Swedish Furnature name is "BENNJÃ…MMIND" - WHAT'S YOURS?

George W Bush should definately get things LIKE THIS named for him

The next Right wing scare tactic? Ninja's in the woods


Too bad this office flip out VIDEO is fake. So sad.

Hilarious Facebook in Real Life Video

THIS VIDEO is pretty awesome, and must have taken days to do

Best Slip N Slide Ever

Friday, June 06, 2008

Moving Week

Thinking about this past week:

I think moving was pretty painless (Flatrate) and that the new apartment is awesome (building, location, size, etc). I think having a friend visit 3 days after moving can add stress to the process, but also motivate you to get things done.

I think when people ask me how much I’m paying; I’m not going to tell them. I think I’ll say “less than I would have paid had I lived in a small 1 bedroom in a worse area and a worse building.” Or I’ll say “less than a studio.” Wouldn’t you rather have a large 2br 2bth apt w/a good roommate than live in a studio? I think I would.

I think that flipping the mattress over could be partially responsible for my poor sleep the first 3 nights at the new apartment. It could also be the bright lights, which is a change from the last apartment. I think I sleep pretty well usually, and this revelation is quite surprising.

I think I sold my couch for $100, and purchased it from my BIL for $100 5 years ago. I think it’s 15 years old.

I think the new couch will be awesome, if it ever comes, and we’ll be able to get rid of our other ugly couch.

I think someone who came to look at the couch, but didn’t purchase it, said that I looked like the guy from Prison Break. I think I’ve yet to see the show, but I think this is the 8th or 9th person to say that in the last 3 years.

I think I can’t believe it has been 4 months already. I think I’m done waiting even though I said I’d wait 2 more months.

I think I’m excited for my 2 weekends in the Hamptons. I think you guys should be excited for me to write about it.

I think I’m a little nervous for Saturday. Just a little.

I think therapy isn’t a secret anymore. I think the taboo has been removed due to A) the Soprano’s B) everyone’s doing it and C) sane / normal people are doing it. I’m not, but I think I’d still be shy to tell people if I was. However, I think I’m also somewhat surprised when someone hides it considering how many people I’ve met recently, who’ve mentioned their therapist in the first 15 minutes of conversation.

I think I’ve spent a ton of time lately talking down my friends. I think I’d be a pretty good therapist, though I think I should start taking my own advice instead of taking the easy rout and following my feelings. I think I posted an askbens w/just some of the written “talking” I’ve done lately.

I think any girl can tell any guy about a dream she has had involving him sexual or not. If they guy doesn’t like the girl, then it’s still pretty funny. If he does like the girl then he’s def going to enjoy hearing it.

On the other hand, I don’t think a guy should ever tell a girl he has had a dream about her, sexual or not, unless seriously in a relationship. I think that even though a dream is obviously uncontrolled, girls get weirded out by hearing about them, both from guys they like (Too Much Information) and guys they don’t like (scary).

I think I had a dream that included the leader of Germany and a fat Asian guy who I caught pick pocketing me.

I think when I plucked my 9 grey hairs 2 years ago, a few people told me I’d get 18 back. I think I still have 9. HA!

I think I had duck two times this week. Yummy.

I think we were both surprised when my intern asked me if I was just out of school 2 years ago when I started at this company. When I told him I’d been working for 6 years, I think he was surprised I was that old and I think I was surprised I looked that young.

I think the burger I had at my grandma’s country club on Memorial Day was the first burger I’d had in 3 months. I think I used to have a few each week.