Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Questions of the Week

Questions of the week:

What are you doing for the 4th of July? What did you do for the 4th? These two questions were the most common question asked to me during a 2 week period in the midpoint of my summer. Since when is the 4th a holiday you plan in advance for? Since when is the 4th a story worthy event which you need to ask everyone what they did? The 4th of July isn’t New Years Eve, and so I planned my 4th festivities on the 4th, that evening, and they weren’t anything remotely special.

Do you care if someone says they have a therapist? I was talking about therapy with a friend who put it in prospective. She said therapy was like online dating, there’s nothing wrong with other people doing it, as long as it’s not you. I guess therapy could be described as Seinfeldian “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Did you like the movie “Yea, no, it was ok.” Did you? Is it me, or is everyone saying “yea, no” all the time? It feels like the expression has become a conversational staple, in which people want to answer a question before they’ve fully comprehended it, thus answering ambiguously originally.

Have you ever referred to someone as a hugger? I know I haven’t. I do have a friend who’s a really bad cheek kisser. She kinda just does a cheek bump, making no noise and giving no real shot of either person’s lips hitting the others cheek. I kinda enjoy it each time it happens, b/c I assume its somewhat painful for her.

Why do you look like you just saw a ghost? The volleyball scene in top gun is by far the most unbelievable scene I’ve ever seen in any movie. Being a volleyball player, I’m repulsed watching Tom Cruise (5’5?) and Anthony Edwards (super uncoordinated dork) actually beat Val Kilmer and some other jacked guy in match. Second on my list of inconceivable movie plot lines is the guy from knocked up getting Katherine Heigl, even if for 1 night.

What the hell are you wearing? I love that I can wear anything in my new neighborhood and not even come close to standing out. I could walk out in just my boxer briefs, with a visor and ski boots, and people would probably be looking at the guy across the street in the boa w/the much better body.

Why do you look heavier this month? Max Brenner is evil, and dominating my new life. He tempts me almost every week, and I give in almost every other week.

Have you found a new chicken parm place yet? It seems as though J’s has won the Ironbound Chicken Parm Taste test. I tried about 6 places, and they were the clear winner w/quality of chicken and sauce. J’s can expect $10 of weekly revenue from me.

How old are you? I was at a friend’s birthday party last weekend and the girl sitting across from me told me, “If I were 10 years younger…” That 40 year old could have been 29. . .

Don’t you live with him? Do you guys not talk? No, we don’t talk. If we talked, then we’d be friends. If we were friends, then we would fight often. If we fought, we couldn’t live together for 5 years. Thus, we don’t talk.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Confused Convo

This just happened to me. WTF?

Person (4:52pm): Still Free?
Me (4:54pm): When?
Person (5:31pm): Sorry got sidetracked. . . . My day got away from me. After 8?
Me (5:35pm): Today? I don't remember us having plans. I have volleyball tonight.
Person (5:42pm): We didn't have plans. And I cannot do tonight anyway.
Me (5:43pm): So what are you talking about? I'm so confused! :)
Person (5:46pm): Its cool inb bit I have a metting

I have no idea what just went on there.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The New Building

(updated w/more pictures)

So, I moved into my new building, a new construction in an awesome area. I’m very happy with the apartment, and the decision to move, as I’m enjoying my new room, my new commute, and the new building, to an extent. We had a fun rooftop party last Thursday night, Here are the pictures, which went from 8pm to 3am or so. However, here’s a list of things I’m not so happy about. Realize this is a NEW CONSTRUCTION. (more pictures to be added later, click them to see them bigger)

Cut Corners:

Type of Paint – The paint gets dirty easily, when you rub the paint to try to clean it, the paint itself wipes right off, like its water colors. Picture of paint that just rubbed off.

Paint Job in General – There are pain splotches everywhere, on the floors, on the paneling. It’s like they didn’t use any special tools around the edges when painting the apartment. Paint on the Floor. Bad Painting.

Floor Construction – The person laying down the floor boards forgot to measure a few times. There are holes in the floor where it meets the walls, and corners. Floors Miss Walls

AC – Fedders AC to be precise. Fedders is a company that went bankrupt a few years ago. Who knows if they’ll be able to service the machines? They are big, they are loud, and they are not worthy of a new building. Additionally, the AC in the living room is already broken! Fedders AC

Bathroom Counters – There were / are water marks on the bathroom counter that won’t come out.

All Sinks – There are scratches inside the bathroom sinks and the kitchen sinks in the porcelain. Sink Scratches

Bathroom Door – The bathroom door doesn’t fit properly, it needs to be jammed closed. Me pulling on the door.

Other Bathroom Door - Completely scratched up before we moved in. Scratched Door.

Shower Drain - The shower drain doesn't fit into the whole. Like it doesn't belong. See Picture

Kitchen Counter - The Kitchen counter top is so cheap, that when some wine spilled on it, it stained the white parts of the counter purple.

Kitchen Cabinets - The kitchen cabinets still have pencil markings on them from construction. Indicating where holes were supposed to be drilled for the handles. See Picture.

Hardwood Floors – The hardwood floors needed a thicker stain, they are scratched so easily.

Toilet Seat – The toilet seat was plastic, cost maybe $3. I replaced that on day one, who knows what kind of construction workers used it before me.

Shower Head - The master bedroom's shower head leaks.

Shower Curtain - The shower rod, which holds the curtain, has fallen in both bathrooms already. It probably cost $3 too. Shower Curtain On Floor

Rooftop – While the rooftop will be awesome, and has 24 our access, it is not completed yet. There are no tiles, no chairs, no bbq, no plants. Additionally, though no one in the building complained at all, there is a rumor that we will not be able to have people up on the roof again. We cleaned it spotlessly, but apparently the porter / doormen weren’t’ happy and they complained to ownership. We’ll have to negotiate, because the main picture on the buildings website has people drinking on the roof, it was a huge selling point.

Super – So far, the super has been terrible. We were without air conditioning for about a month in the living room and we have called him numerous times about many things. He has not called back, he has not done anything. I think he’s still working on some of the unfinished apartments, but seriously. In our old building, the super was there for over 20 years. Our first super in the new building was fired before we moved in. The second one could be well on his way.

Things That Don’t Make Sense:

Bathroom and kitchen sinks – The bathroom and kitchen sinks don’t slope toward the drain. They have flat bottoms. This means that toothpaste, shaving cream, shavings, spit, and food need to be pushed toward the drain by hand or water. Flat Based Sinks

Bathroom Light – The bathroom light is centered over the mirror. Unfortunately, that means it isn’t centered over the sink (1/2 sink, ½ toilet). Therefore, when standing at the sink, shaving or putting on make-up or whatever, there’s a shadow cast over the side of your face. Bathroom Light only 1/2 over sink

AC’s – The AC’s are huge, and stand out a foot from the window. That means that you can’t put anything against the wall (bed, dressers) and it creates dead space in the rooms. Protruding AC

Setup – The kitchen is full of shelves, but has no pantry. It’s set up in a corner, and so there’s no closure. We had to buy a breakfast bar to put our food in and close off the kitchen.

Walk in closet setup – The walk in closet’s set up makes no sense. Instead of having shelves and hanging poles opposite eachother, they make an L, rendering much of the hanging space usless where the 2 sides meet.

Shelves in closets – we have 4 big closets, all of them have 1 shelf at 7 ft high and a bar to hang hangers. No one has that many hangers. The closet by the front door should have had a pantry, the one in the hallway should have had shelves. I built an extra shelf in the one in my bedroom. Shelves We Installed to Store things

Keys – Our mailbox key is not a standard key. I went to 4 different hardware stores, 3 made me bad copies, before the 4th made it correctly. By that time I’d asked to see the key before they put it in the machine, to make sure it was a perfect match. Picture of a Key (I wish I had a picture of all the bad keys I threw out)

Spare Keys – The doormen do not have a lockbox with spare keys. If we get locked out of our apartment, we have to call the super, who’s been 100% unreceptive.

Gym Equipment – The gym is set up terribly. The treadmills are facing the wrong direction and the two machines are pretty useless. Instead of getting 1 machine that does 2 arm exercises and 1 machine that does 2 leg exercises, they should have gotten 1 universal machine that does about 20.

If the building doesn’t take care of some of these things soon, I’m going to have to ask my friends to link to this page w/links that contain my building name. Then, whenever someone searches online for my building, this page of complaints will be one of the first ones which come up.