Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thinking, Linking

I think I'm on my last book of checks that have my mom's name on them as well. I got 10 books when my mom signed me up for a Wachovia account on my first day of college, exactly 10 years ago this week, and I'm finally done w/all of them. I think, since she signed me up w/o me present, her name had to be on the account, and it's remained on the checks (though not on the account) until I order new ones. I think that may happen this year.

I think my tragic hero fantasies may be tied to the desire to achieve celebrity. Not celebrity in the sense of fame, but celebrity in the sense of being looked up to.

I think I'm def a different person than I was 2 years ago. I'm not sure how much people change when they get older, but I can still feel changes happening. All of a sudden, I'm extremely picky when it comes to girls and I have no desire even, to give someone a chance right now. I think I'm starting to believe in love at first sight or something to that effect. I think I know what it's like to want and crave and I want that, I don't want to force anything.

I think I had my briefcase inspected 2 times in the last 2 weeks by cops in the subway. They are still ZERO for 1,000,000 in bag checking. If someone has a gun, they'll likely say no to the bag check thing (you don't have to let them inspect your bag, but then you can't use the subway). Therefore, I think if someone says "Sure!" to the "Can we look at your bag?" question, they should automatically just be let through.

I think shopping for a woman isn't very easy in Chelsea. Excluding clothes, which I would never buy for a woman, there really isn't much.

I think the fringe fest needs better advertising.

I think a new friend spent the whole weekend reading almost every page of my site is likely very scared. I think I warned her not too b/c she doesn't know me well enough, and doesn't understand that this site is to entertain, and be over the top, and be an outlet. I think she should have at least posted 1 comment.

I think I have a good relationship w/my new dentist. My dentist is in my office building, and the last time I got a cleaning, the dentist and I got along pretty well. I looked her up on Facebook and now we're friends. I think I have no idea what the point is, but mabye I'll get a new lunch friend out of it.

I think playing volleyball barefoot…check that…I think doing almost anything barefoot, is better than doing it w/shoes or sandals, surface area permitting.

I think I really hate French restaurants that have the very little round tables where you can’t even fit 2 dinner plates easily. I don’t get it.

I think I may email her on her bday, or maybe the day afterwords.

I think the reason I’m addicted to my phone might be due to the lack of access to video games growing up. I think because I didn’t have them, I’m now over compensating.

I think that previous thought is complete rubbish.

I think these are some good links:

Why didn’t I go to the topless protest this weekend?

And the French people are going the wrong direction

SEX is the best reason, and quite possibly the only reason, to be an Olympian

Though, not all sex is good sex. Some sex can get you in trouble.

I would have thought it was funny and nothing more had my Iphone come w/pictures of the factory workers.

Swedish Senior Citizen’s can’t get loans because they might die.

Dubai is the video game Sim City (after you break the code and give yourself a Billion Dollars)

A scientific look at the most famous Sluts of NYC (Sex and The City)

Beer Goggles are real, and they’re fabulous

A Women Joke

Jenna Bush’s Pastor hates McCain

“I’m a Redneck, I live in Georgia, and I don’t see no Russians

I love religious people.

If eating were an Olympic sport, Michael Phelps would surely have another gold medal. (Though when I was 22, I would eat a whole large cheese pizza every Sunday)

Burger King will always be my favorite fast food. Now that I know the employees are fun kids, I like them even more.

NY Times corrections is always good, but it changes every so the link is no longer valid. Anyway, they corrected a 48 year old story last week:
“From a listing of credits on April 28, 1960, with a theater review of "West Side Story" on its return to the Winter Garden theater, misstated the surname of the actor who played Action. He is George Liker, not Johnson. (Mr. Liker, who hopes to audition for a role in a Broadway revival of the show planned for February, brought the error to The Times's attention last month. )”

Make your own Fake Band Shirts

This story about the Mayor of a MD town having his home raided is so amazing. Scares me about our govt.

If you want, you can go to the airport and go through security just for fun, and not fly.

Now going to the beach on Sunday will be spiritually fulfilling.

10 Reasons to Date a Unicorn, and I thought the web was boring.

These women just need to look at me, electrodes aren’t necessary.

Apparently you can lose your house if you don’t pay parking fines.

World’s oldest joke = not that funny.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Best Things in Life ARE Free

I’m writing this posting from my rooftop. And while my rent isn’t free, the computer wasn’t free, and the internet I’m stealing from my neighbor isn’t free, at least they are sunk costs. It feels great up here, sitting, typing in the darkness, watching planes fly overhead as the dark blue horizon turns black. Now onto the real inspiration for the title of this entry.

Four months ago, my friend Megan got fed up with New York, quit her job, and decided to travel the world for a year or until her money ran out. Megan is extremely independent, so she can take care of herself and get around on her own. Megan is also one of the friendliest people I know, makes friends anywhere, so I didn’t think twice about her going on this trip…seemed to fit her personality well. She’s been traveling through Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and last week, landed in Israel.

I sent Megan some of my cousins email addresses and phone numbers etc, and emailed them all letting them know she’d be there. Of course, she didn’t know exactly what days she was going and most aren’t in the cities, so meeting up with my cousins wasn’t the easiest task. A week before Israel, Megan told me she emailed a few of my cousins w/her details, but hadn’t heard back. Of course, she was going MIA for the week on a cruise, so she couldn’t even correspond or arrange until she got to Israel. Her first night in Israel, I saw her online and messaged to make sure she was ok. I was shocked w/how she responded.

me: You doing ok? :)
Megan: Good. Your family is so nice!!!
I'm staying with Nadav's grandma (can't remember her name). Do you know it?
me: Haya or Chaya
Megan: yes. thanks
me: So glad it’s working out. Wow I had no clue they would do that.
Megan: I didn't think I was going to meet anyone of them as they never responded to me, but then Nadav and Barak just showed up at the airport, then told me I was staying with their Grandma.
me: Haha! I had no idea! That's awesome.
Nadav and barak have crashed w me so many times so they are repaying now.
Megan: Yes, Nadav took me into the city today and drove me around to show me stuff and then left me on a street corner (i knew where I was though). He told me how to get back on the bus and was so helpful.
Megan: I made it back, b ut had a long...walk as the driver told me to get off and it was about a mile or so before he should have. Good thing Nadav gave me directions in Hebrew so I asked a couple locals and they got me back
me: You can handle yourself better than most
Megan: Yes, I can handle myself and smile a lot and tend to get by.
Haya just left for a Bat Mitzva and was all dolled up.
me: She is my grandfathers first cousin
Megan: For an 80 year old, she's really active. Last night she went for a swim, this morning was gone before I woke up and now off to a party. Social butterfly and so nice
me: Jerusalem tomorrow?
Megan: Yes, Jerusalem tomorrow. I saw all I wanted to in TA today, and am excited to get to Jerusalem. Orr just told me I could stay with her, so I once I talk to her and make plans, I'm cancel my hostel reservation.1
me: Can't wait to read the blog on this one
Megan: It's funny as I have been making hostel reservations everywhere since I didn't hear back from your family as most places are booked (3 places in Jerusalem were fully booked 3 days in advance). So at least I have a place in case I don't connect with Orr. I'm very grateful to you for getting me in touch with them all. Thank you again!
me: I try!
Megan: I just spoke to your grandfather.
me: Haha. Too funny! Are you going out tonight?
Megan: yes, waiting on Nadav to get dolled up and pick me up. He said he would be here half an hour ago, but based on this mornings pick up, he was an hour later then too. So I'm updating my website and having fun while I wait.
I feel bad as your grandfather called for Haya and I spoke to him for a while and then the phone went dead (please apologize for me if he brings it up). I didn't hang up and wouldn't want him to think I was rude
me: Lovely. Can't wait to read Hehe Don't worry to much
Megan: Long crazy stories about my cruise. Finally updating other details like travel miles, money and such.
me: I need to call him
Megan: ok. Please apologize so he doesn't think less of me
me: Okie

Yes, my cousins had looked up Megan’s picture on Facebook, and found her after she was getting off the plane. How amazing, my cousins are the friendliest people in the world. (I mentioned it this entry as well) And of course, they took her partying on a Tuesday night in the town. For a more detailed description on her experiences w/my 3rd cousins and family, check out HER BLOG. The picture of her w/my cousins on her site is awesome.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Speaking Of:

For the second week in a row, I had a volleyball triple header. I play w/two different girls, so each Wednesday I expect to have 2 matches, which usually last an hour each. These matches are 2 vs 2, instead of 6 vs 6 indoors, and thus extremely tiring. This week, in the humid 90 degree night, I sweated through 3 matches. I must have drunk well over a gallon of water, and Masha, one of my partners, noticed. She commented that I must be the least environmentally friendly person in the world, drinking so many bottles of water.

Speaking of Masha, on Friday I hung out w/her outside of volleyball for the 3rd time in the 4+ years I’ve known her. She’s a freelance artist, SVA trained, and thus is quite a different person from myself. Since she didn’t work on Thursday or Friday, she organized a bar hop of sorts to a few west village bars and invited lots of her hippie/artist friends. I spent half the night talking to some 24 year old graphic designer who was extremely interested in my orchestral conducting. I’ve told this fib quite a few times, but this guy kept asking questions and questions. He was asking what my classes are like, what material I actually teach, what the students are like, what my career goals are, how I got involved, what I’m working on outside of school, what instruments I’m trained in, what my favorite classical composers were, and of course, could I write him something. I had to be so focused to pull this off that I almost curbed my drinking so I could keep it going. I wasn’t going to lose this battle. I ended up walking Masha back to the Path, and she mentioned that she’s looking for more work, to design, or paint or anything. I told her I’d love to help but I’m not really starting a company that needs new brands or signage or anything. It was such a beautiful night that I decided take that 1am 30 minute walk back to my new apartment.

Speaking of my new apartment, Saturday morning Steven and I walked over to Beth’s (one block away) to look at her couch. We sold one of our black couches when we moved out, and will be getting rid of the leather one too as soon as I follow through on my promise to buy a new one. Beth’s couch is about 1 year old, L shaped, w/a pull out section. It’s not modern enough for her, and her parents picked it out, so she’s selling it to me for about one quarter of what her parents likely paid. Which is probably close the maximum I would pay for a new couch. I realized that in order for the couch to fit nicely into the living room, we would need a matching painting above it. I called Masha to let her know I may need to commission something from her. She said we’d discuss once I got the couch and that she was on her way to go camping on Fire Island.

Speaking of Fire Island, Steven and I finally went out there on Saturday afternoon to visit his Aunt and Uncle who have had a 3 bedroom house in Ocean Beach all summer. We arrived around 7, and started drinking w/his relatives. They are very cool older kids. They don’t have children, he’s a top lawyer, she’s a Columbia statistics PHD who focuses on clinical trials. We BBQ, we drink, we talk, def good times. Then around 12, Steven and I hit the bars. Wow, have things changed in a year! The bars were the same, but the crowds had changed. Or maybe I don’t’ remember b/c last year I was with many friends each weekend and wasn’t really looking around too much at the crowds. This year, not only did we know considerably less people, but it seemed like a slightly younger crowd and a much more Italian crowd. I’m talking about a Growing up Gotti crowd, filled w/thick accents, steroids, out of control hair and attitudes. I’m not sure how they heard about FI, but the word is out that there are friendly chill bars, and now they are all but ruined. I emailed my favorite website,, to fill them in on the tragedy.

Speaking of Guidos, I left Fire Island around noon on Sunday to accompany my friend “Robin” to her coworkers wedding in NJ. I have never been to an Italian wedding before but it was exactly as I would have pictured it. The girls, the boys, the parents, the accents, the Italian music and dancing, even the Dad named Tony and the band named Carazzo. Interestingly, they did a Jewish Hora for about 4 minutes after dinner before dessert, w/the lead singer screaming out “are there any Jews in the house?!” The lead singer kept using the word “sexy” over and over. “Let me get the sexy mother of the bride on the dance floor.” “Where are those sexy brides maids.” If this was my wedding, I would have told him to use the word “beautiful” please. The power to the band went out for about 5 minutes and I thought someone was going to get shot when the groom was yelling at the building manager, saying he was ruining his wedding. If I were asked, without knowing either party at all, I would say that this marriage has a great chance to last, but has very little chance of being happy. To me, they just didn’t look happy, didn’t look comfortable, and didn’t look happy together. She seemed controlling and demanding and he seems to put up w/it b/c he just wants someone. I’ve also never heard more generic 1 minute from the bride’s sister, and the bride’s sister’s husband (best man). Apparently, the groom’s best friend wasn’t allowed to be the best man b/c the bride wanted her BIL instated. The whole thing was kinda just sad.

Speaking of being sad, weddings really make you feel lonely when you are alone. I spent a lot of the time thinking about who I would have wanted to go to the wedding with, and what I want mine to be like, and realizing how far that is from reality, and how much the ex wanted to go to a real wedding, and how bad I still feel about that whole situation every day, and how much of a girl I was for thinking about all these things! But damn I was a good date. I schomoozed w/Robin’s boss enough that he was impressed w/me, which is enough to set me apart from the other 100 men at the wedding who he clearly wasn’t impressed, which is enough for him to be impressed w/her, which is what she wanted by inviting me!

Speaking of wedding dates, though this one made me feel sad, I’m super excited for Jaime and Tom’s wedding down at PGA in Florida. They met while playing volleyball on my team, and moved to Florida, and it’ gonna be a super super fun weekend.

Speaking of super super fun weekends, for Jaime’s 30th birthday, she organized a cruise to the Bahamas on Labor Day Weekend. Not only is it my first cruise ever, but I’m the only person flying down to Miami for this. I’m a bit worried about the whole boat, sleeping, drinking, rocking thing…but I’ll keep the drinking to a minimum and I’ll do the pills and the bracelets and the behind the ear thingy. It’s gonna be sooo fun, I just worry I won’t get back in time for my Fantasy Football Draft on Monday evening.

Speaking of Fantasy Football, I have been trying for 6 months to organize a football Vegas trip on the weekend of September 20th. I figured land Saturday morning, watch and bet on college football, do the same on Sudnay, and fly back Monday. The cost of flights seems prohibitive for too many of the guys, even though hotel rooms are pretty cheap. We may end up at a CT casino instead, which means no sports betting. It’ll still be fun, but it’s no Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas….actually, you aren’t supposed to talk about Vegas…so I guess that’s all I’ll speak about tonight.