Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Best Things in Life ARE Free

I’m writing this posting from my rooftop. And while my rent isn’t free, the computer wasn’t free, and the internet I’m stealing from my neighbor isn’t free, at least they are sunk costs. It feels great up here, sitting, typing in the darkness, watching planes fly overhead as the dark blue horizon turns black. Now onto the real inspiration for the title of this entry.

Four months ago, my friend Megan got fed up with New York, quit her job, and decided to travel the world for a year or until her money ran out. Megan is extremely independent, so she can take care of herself and get around on her own. Megan is also one of the friendliest people I know, makes friends anywhere, so I didn’t think twice about her going on this trip…seemed to fit her personality well. She’s been traveling through Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and last week, landed in Israel.

I sent Megan some of my cousins email addresses and phone numbers etc, and emailed them all letting them know she’d be there. Of course, she didn’t know exactly what days she was going and most aren’t in the cities, so meeting up with my cousins wasn’t the easiest task. A week before Israel, Megan told me she emailed a few of my cousins w/her details, but hadn’t heard back. Of course, she was going MIA for the week on a cruise, so she couldn’t even correspond or arrange until she got to Israel. Her first night in Israel, I saw her online and messaged to make sure she was ok. I was shocked w/how she responded.

me: You doing ok? :)
Megan: Good. Your family is so nice!!!
I'm staying with Nadav's grandma (can't remember her name). Do you know it?
me: Haya or Chaya
Megan: yes. thanks
me: So glad it’s working out. Wow I had no clue they would do that.
Megan: I didn't think I was going to meet anyone of them as they never responded to me, but then Nadav and Barak just showed up at the airport, then told me I was staying with their Grandma.
me: Haha! I had no idea! That's awesome.
Nadav and barak have crashed w me so many times so they are repaying now.
Megan: Yes, Nadav took me into the city today and drove me around to show me stuff and then left me on a street corner (i knew where I was though). He told me how to get back on the bus and was so helpful.
Megan: I made it back, b ut had a long...walk as the driver told me to get off and it was about a mile or so before he should have. Good thing Nadav gave me directions in Hebrew so I asked a couple locals and they got me back
me: You can handle yourself better than most
Megan: Yes, I can handle myself and smile a lot and tend to get by.
Haya just left for a Bat Mitzva and was all dolled up.
me: She is my grandfathers first cousin
Megan: For an 80 year old, she's really active. Last night she went for a swim, this morning was gone before I woke up and now off to a party. Social butterfly and so nice
me: Jerusalem tomorrow?
Megan: Yes, Jerusalem tomorrow. I saw all I wanted to in TA today, and am excited to get to Jerusalem. Orr just told me I could stay with her, so I once I talk to her and make plans, I'm cancel my hostel reservation.1
me: Can't wait to read the blog on this one
Megan: It's funny as I have been making hostel reservations everywhere since I didn't hear back from your family as most places are booked (3 places in Jerusalem were fully booked 3 days in advance). So at least I have a place in case I don't connect with Orr. I'm very grateful to you for getting me in touch with them all. Thank you again!
me: I try!
Megan: I just spoke to your grandfather.
me: Haha. Too funny! Are you going out tonight?
Megan: yes, waiting on Nadav to get dolled up and pick me up. He said he would be here half an hour ago, but based on this mornings pick up, he was an hour later then too. So I'm updating my website and having fun while I wait.
I feel bad as your grandfather called for Haya and I spoke to him for a while and then the phone went dead (please apologize for me if he brings it up). I didn't hang up and wouldn't want him to think I was rude
me: Lovely. Can't wait to read Hehe Don't worry to much
Megan: Long crazy stories about my cruise. Finally updating other details like travel miles, money and such.
me: I need to call him
Megan: ok. Please apologize so he doesn't think less of me
me: Okie

Yes, my cousins had looked up Megan’s picture on Facebook, and found her after she was getting off the plane. How amazing, my cousins are the friendliest people in the world. (I mentioned it this entry as well) And of course, they took her partying on a Tuesday night in the town. For a more detailed description on her experiences w/my 3rd cousins and family, check out HER BLOG. The picture of her w/my cousins on her site is awesome.

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