Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thinking, Linking

I think I'm on my last book of checks that have my mom's name on them as well. I got 10 books when my mom signed me up for a Wachovia account on my first day of college, exactly 10 years ago this week, and I'm finally done w/all of them. I think, since she signed me up w/o me present, her name had to be on the account, and it's remained on the checks (though not on the account) until I order new ones. I think that may happen this year.

I think my tragic hero fantasies may be tied to the desire to achieve celebrity. Not celebrity in the sense of fame, but celebrity in the sense of being looked up to.

I think I'm def a different person than I was 2 years ago. I'm not sure how much people change when they get older, but I can still feel changes happening. All of a sudden, I'm extremely picky when it comes to girls and I have no desire even, to give someone a chance right now. I think I'm starting to believe in love at first sight or something to that effect. I think I know what it's like to want and crave and I want that, I don't want to force anything.

I think I had my briefcase inspected 2 times in the last 2 weeks by cops in the subway. They are still ZERO for 1,000,000 in bag checking. If someone has a gun, they'll likely say no to the bag check thing (you don't have to let them inspect your bag, but then you can't use the subway). Therefore, I think if someone says "Sure!" to the "Can we look at your bag?" question, they should automatically just be let through.

I think shopping for a woman isn't very easy in Chelsea. Excluding clothes, which I would never buy for a woman, there really isn't much.

I think the fringe fest needs better advertising.

I think a new friend spent the whole weekend reading almost every page of my site is likely very scared. I think I warned her not too b/c she doesn't know me well enough, and doesn't understand that this site is to entertain, and be over the top, and be an outlet. I think she should have at least posted 1 comment.

I think I have a good relationship w/my new dentist. My dentist is in my office building, and the last time I got a cleaning, the dentist and I got along pretty well. I looked her up on Facebook and now we're friends. I think I have no idea what the point is, but mabye I'll get a new lunch friend out of it.

I think playing volleyball barefoot…check that…I think doing almost anything barefoot, is better than doing it w/shoes or sandals, surface area permitting.

I think I really hate French restaurants that have the very little round tables where you can’t even fit 2 dinner plates easily. I don’t get it.

I think I may email her on her bday, or maybe the day afterwords.

I think the reason I’m addicted to my phone might be due to the lack of access to video games growing up. I think because I didn’t have them, I’m now over compensating.

I think that previous thought is complete rubbish.

I think these are some good links:

Why didn’t I go to the topless protest this weekend?

And the French people are going the wrong direction

SEX is the best reason, and quite possibly the only reason, to be an Olympian

Though, not all sex is good sex. Some sex can get you in trouble.

I would have thought it was funny and nothing more had my Iphone come w/pictures of the factory workers.

Swedish Senior Citizen’s can’t get loans because they might die.

Dubai is the video game Sim City (after you break the code and give yourself a Billion Dollars)

A scientific look at the most famous Sluts of NYC (Sex and The City)

Beer Goggles are real, and they’re fabulous

A Women Joke

Jenna Bush’s Pastor hates McCain

“I’m a Redneck, I live in Georgia, and I don’t see no Russians

I love religious people.

If eating were an Olympic sport, Michael Phelps would surely have another gold medal. (Though when I was 22, I would eat a whole large cheese pizza every Sunday)

Burger King will always be my favorite fast food. Now that I know the employees are fun kids, I like them even more.

NY Times corrections is always good, but it changes every so the link is no longer valid. Anyway, they corrected a 48 year old story last week:
“From a listing of credits on April 28, 1960, with a theater review of "West Side Story" on its return to the Winter Garden theater, misstated the surname of the actor who played Action. He is George Liker, not Johnson. (Mr. Liker, who hopes to audition for a role in a Broadway revival of the show planned for February, brought the error to The Times's attention last month. )”

Make your own Fake Band Shirts

This story about the Mayor of a MD town having his home raided is so amazing. Scares me about our govt.

If you want, you can go to the airport and go through security just for fun, and not fly.

Now going to the beach on Sunday will be spiritually fulfilling.

10 Reasons to Date a Unicorn, and I thought the web was boring.

These women just need to look at me, electrodes aren’t necessary.

Apparently you can lose your house if you don’t pay parking fines.

World’s oldest joke = not that funny.


Anonymous said...

I THINK I was warned not to do it, but lets be honest, when you're told not to, you want to that much more. My initial curiousity ended up sucking me in and before I knew it I had read WAY too much, but couldn't stop myself. What started as one innocent visit turned into countless.

Needless to say, it was entertaining, and yes, a little scary.

Can't say I won't be back for more...

Randi said...

I happen to think that I'm concerned about two of your thoughts... though I'm not about to share too quickly which ones. :)