Sunday, September 21, 2008


Stupid Narrative About What I Did:

About a month ago, I was talking to my friend Diana when she mentioned that she was going to be in LA for a few days to some touristy crap, alone. She casually asked if I wanted to join her and she was likely surprised by my reaction. I’d been to LA once, when I was younger (maybe 12), for maybe 2 days as my family drove from Sandy Eggo up to San Fran. But I’d never really been to LA, done the LA thing. Thus, I jumped on the invitation.

Fast forward 2 weeks, and I’m on a plane to LA, renting a car (with GPS, AMAZING), and crashing at my cousin Daniel’s apartment. Though I got to his place around 1am Western, we walked around Sunset strip, he showed me where River Phoenix died and a few other legendary clubs, and we had a few beers.

At 9am in the morning I took off towards Paradise Cove, Malibu, to meet my friend Lindsey, who’s been living in LA for a year (I think she’s moving back in a few weeks). We caught up, sat on the beach, watched some surfers, and enjoyed a pretty perfect day. She took me to the shops of Malibu, acting like my tour guide, and I showed her how to be 28 going on 15, namely going on the swings and getting a chocolate milkshake. I left Lindsey around 3 to go pick up Diana at LAX. I wasn’t really sure of our itinerary, but the second Diana got off of the plan, she was mentioned Universal Studios, and I couldn’t really think of a better way to act like a 10 year old (not sure why I’m on such an “Act like a 15 kid” kick, but it’s been fun so far). We went to Scott’s apartment (one of Daniella and David’s friends), where we would be staying for the next few days. Scott has an amazing apartment 3 blocks from the beach, and 8 blocks from the pier in Santa Monica. It is very nice, new building, with an extra room (though the mattress is an air mattress). We showered and rested and headed out for dinner on the 3rd St promenade and headed to the Santa Monica Pier. While Scott met up w/some friends to watch Casablanca on the pier, Diana and I explored the area. We played some games, I won a stuffed animal by hitting gophers on the head really fast (acting like a 15 year old again), and I got Diana her first ever Funnel Cake (what rock did she climb out from under?). Exhausted after a long day at the beach, jet lagged, running around, I was happy to head back to Scott’s apartment around 10, ready to crash. Unfortunately, Scott had other ideas and when we got back, there were 15 people from his triathlon team there, drinking and socializing. Bedtime took place around 1.

The plan for day 2 was Universal Studios. We got there around 11, and just had a blast. The “studio tour” was a necessary evil (an hour long and an hour too long) but the rest of it was great. Shrek 3d, The Simpsons, The Mummy, an animal show, a Waterworld Show, a Jurassic Park ride, and a House of Horrors. We were exhausted and “Miss I never take a nap” took a fell asleep during the ride home. Scott, our awesome host, took Diana and I to a really good burger place for dinner and Tammy and Tom and Lindsey met us afterwards for drinks and Mohitos.

Sunday, or super tourist day number 2 consisted of hitting Hollywood Boulevard, The Kodak Theater, the Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Santa Monica Boulevard. When we got back to Santa Monica we walked along the beach down to Venice and saw very crazy people and a random drum circle that apparently forms every Sunday afternoon. We went back to Scotts, I packed, and headed to the Airport. Diana wasn’t leaving until Monday, so she stayed at Scott’s another night. At the airport I hung out w/Cheryl for a few hours (she was randomly on my red eye home), before popping an Ambien, blinking, and going right to work.

Anyway, here are the pictures.

And Here is a Video of the Drum Circle:

Here are some other one-hit items that are not really part of the narrative of my trip:

I’m a big breakfast person and Diana usually doesn’t eat breakfast. This really screwed up our eating timing, since we weren’t ever hungry at the same time. I never realized how important the eating habits of the person you were with were, likely because it’s never been an issue before.

Everyone I know has complained about LAX, but I had no problems getting there, or parking, or leaving, or in security, or finding my way, or anything.

I left 3 shirts at Scott’s apartment hanging in his closet. I hope he remembers to bring the back to NJ during the high holidays so I can pick them up.

Why is the gate which my plane is at always the farthest walk?

My 10 year high school reunion is looking like it’s going to be an 11.5 year reunion. Our class president lives in Arizona and kept asking people if they heard anything (um, hello, you’re supposed to organize this thing). Not that I’m in any rush to see more than 4 of those people.

I have been considering going back to school for an MBA. Of course I wouldn’t even consider giving up my paycheck, so that would mean weekends, and Fridays… not that I have anything else to do. GMAT time!

Buildings and streets are no longer moving and swaying. That's good. For a while, I was worried I'd be dealing w/it for the rest of my life!

I reread some of the glossary while updating it last week, and have realized that the whole “give everyone a nickname” idea has backfired….considering I don’t remember who a few of them from 4-5 years ago are.

Why isn’t “Twas” in the MS Word dictionary?

Wearing a headset is a good non verbal sign if someone doesn’t want to talk to you or not. If someone wants to be social, they’ll just take the ear pieces out.

I did a day trip to AC w/some co workers. Actually it was a 14 hour trip. We took the 6pm bus and got on the 6am bus back to the city. I slept for 2 hours on the bus (so uncomfortable) and 3 hours when I got home before heading to brunch w/family for Dad's bday. I lost about $70 but was much more excited about getting comped free breakfast (at 4am) and getting 15 decks of new cards (well, used, but new to me).

"Tanks" and "Yanks" are spelled the same on my phone since "T" and "Y" share a number on my full keyboard. (tankers and yankees is the same too). When I type that I'm at the Tanks game, or watching the Tankers play, I usually just leave it. Seems very fitting.

If someone said “Sarah Palin will be President for 8 years, unless we cut off your left arm,” I’d be like “just give me something to bite down on!” This is not an understatement. In reality, there are wars worth dying for, and if someone getting killed would keep her out of the White House, I'd consider the job. (I'm not ok w/her as VP b/c McCain will not be strong enough or in control enough and she and her policies will filter in as she sees fit, similar to Cheney and Bush). I was actually ok w/McCain before hand...partnered w/anyone of his "R" competitors, b/c at least they were smart.

Why do waiters and waitresses insist on asking what type of water I would like? I don't know anyone who doesn't want tap water. If someone doesn't want tap water, they'll ask for it. To me, asking what type of water I want is as random as the waiter picking a random appetizer on the menu and asking me if I want it.

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