Friday, September 12, 2008

Cute Convo

My friend sent me this convo between two 15 year olds. So cute, totally made me blush reading it. . . .

Girl: that’s not good.. you gotta girlfriend?
Boy: nah, she just moved and we said goodbye so I’ll move on.
It’ll be hard.
Girl: awww, im sorry about that.
Boy: but I’ll manage.
Its ok.
Girl: you already like soGirlone?
Boy: maybe… Idk
Girl: who are you thinking?
Boy: ? Y u wanna know?


Girl: yess I do. Who is it?
Boy: y u wanna know?
Girl: yep. Who is it?
Boy: Y?
Girl: cuz im asking.
Boy: do u wanna know?
Girl: cuz im asking.
Boy: oh well that surely gives Girl a good reason.
Girl: cuz we’re friends. :]
Haha, that’s an amazing reason right there.
Are you gunna tell me or what? Lol
Boy: maybe?
Girl: what’s stopping you?
Boy: idk?
Girl: you know you wanna lol
Girl: hmm.. gim me a hint.
Boy: guess ...
Just guess …
Girl: I don’t know though.
Give meone hint first. Lol.
Boy: just yell out some name.
Ill say warm or cold.
Girl: meggers.
Honestly, I have no idea.
One hint would help a whole lot.
Boy: hell no.
Your way off.
Girl: Haha, oops..
Boy: arctic
Girl: gimme a hint, I suck at this game.
Boy: braces.
Girl: I have braces. :]
I don’t really study peoples teeth though.. lol.
Boy: well guess
Who is it
I think your close
Girl: oh really? Is it me then? Lol.
Boy: maybe?
Girl: maybe yes or maybe no?
Boy: maybe yes.
Girl: aww, yay. :]
Boy: why?
Girl: cuz your awesome.
Boy: cool u are too
Girl: thankss. :]
Boy: do you maybe like me?
Girl: yeah, I really do actually..
Boy: cool.
Not this weekend, but next weekend do you want to go to the movies?
Or something?
Girl: I’ll see if I can, but that’d be fun.
Boy: yeah
I gtg
I’ll be back in five minutes.
Boy: hay I gtg ill c you tomorrow
Girl: mmk, goodnight cutie.
Boy: c ya beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

omg vomited a little!