Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The other day, I went through my facebook friends and deleted about 30 of them. These were people who I'd met once, or had not talked to in a year, or were HS friends that added me but never really said hi (so just likely wanted to see my pictures and stalk). Facebook allows for the posting of status messages that all of your friends can view. I went ahead and posted this:

"Benjamin just deleted 30 fb friends...if you can read this, congrats, you made the cut"

Here are some of the responses I got:

From a person who I'd seen the day before "ha ha .. thanks I feel special :) im going to follow your lead."

From a friend in London "savage"

From a friend I talk to once or twice a month "LOL. If they are your FRIENDS, then why did you delete them? I'm confused (but also happy I survived your downsizing efforts)."

From someone who reads my website, that I met once "Hey, we met once and I still made the cut! It's ok, I'll likely get cut in the next round." (my reaction was that she likely would get cut next time)

From a friend in Philly who I email links w/ "yesssssssssssssss....made it."

I also got emails like:

"Ha. I'm so flattered"
"What was the criteria?"
"Hey man! Glad I made the cut. How are things?"

All from people who came out of the no where...weird how that one status message brought out people who I hadn't talked to in 6 months.

Anyway, just thought it was interesting...

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