Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who's Reading??

For some time, I've been collecting free data on who's reading this website. Anyone can see the stats that are compiling, if you click the stats on the right. It's getting around 15 unique readers a day, most of course in the NYC area. However, its really interesting to see what Google searches have brought random people to my site. I've compiled a list of a few searches out of my last 100 viewers, and what parts of the site they have ended up at. It's really interesting.

Someone from Kiev, Ukrane searched "Wedding RU" and got THIS POST about the Rutgers/Louisville football game and a wedding I went to in FL that week.

Someone in Lithuania searched "igo lithuania buildings" and was directed to MY TRIP to the Batics (igo as in "Here I go")

Someone from Australia was searching "riga black liquor balzams history" and was directed to the same page as the previous person.

A THIRD person in London was directed to the SAME PAGE because they searched "picking up girls in latvia" My site was the #1 choice for info on that :)!

A 4th person from Lithuania was directed there for typing "lithuania maps for igo 06"

Someone in Chicago was directed to my STRIP CLUB RULES by typing "strip club where strippers use dildo." Apparently I'm the 2nd most useful link for that search!

Someone in Newton, Mass was directed to the same post by typing "montreal strip club rules."

A 3rd person from Ontario searched "negotiate stripper" and was brought to my rules.

Someone from Kitchener, Ontario was directed to my BAD EYESIGHT posting by searching "how did genes for bad eyesight survive." I was the #1 choice, which makes me so happy!

Someone in Oklahoma City typed in "Lehman Doom Blogspot" and was directed to my most recent post below.

Someone from BUDAPEST, Hungary typed "reasons-tonight" into Google and got my Top 10 Reasons Why Tonight Sucked posting.

I posted a link on "pixie dust" that helps regrow body parts, and 2 people found my site by searching "regrowth pixie dust snopes." May have been the same person, but came from 2 different places.

The funniest one might be the person in Barrie, Ontario who typed "3 times in the morning and she still wants to go again" into a search engine called and was directed to my Israeli Morning QB posting. I have a feeling that wasn't what he/she was looking for.

Additionally, I've put up advertising and a search bar on the page. 2 people out of about 1,000 readers have clicked, so I've accrued about $1.05. It may be a failed experiment and may disappear shortly.


Anonymous said...

I don;t see the ads

Meistro said...

below the google search bar on the right.

Anonymous said...

The 'about me' stuff and google bar are all the way at the bottom of the page, a long scroll down.

Meistro said...

Strange, they should not be, and they aren't on either of my 2 computers.