Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Circling the DC Wagons

While my life has yet to come full circle, I had no problem circling back to the college life when asked by some friends to head down to College Park (CP), Maryland for homecoming.

Steven, Dave and I met on the upper west side and though we were heading south, we took the bridge in order to circle around midtown, and its traffic issues.

We stopped for gas around 7pm and circled the parking lot twice before we found the exit back onto the highway.

Around Delaware, Dave messaged his 20 year old cousin who goes to U of D to see if we should come to party. Steven and Dave really wanted to go, but I needed to get to DC to meet up w/my Friend Dan. I told them I’d circle back for them around 3am if they wanted, but we ended up heading to Bethesda, where we were crashing at Tom’s parent’s house.

We circled the Bethesda area three times before we decided that liquor stores didn’t exist in Bethesda and decided to try Safeway. Having no luck at Safeway, we headed toward Tom’s parent’s house empty handed, before realizing that we should circle back to Safeway and get flowers instead.

While Steven and Dave talked up a storm w/Tom’s parents, I did a quick circle around the house before heading back to the card, and down to Dupont Circle where Dan lives.

I didn’t have much trouble once I got there, except for going under the circle instead of through it. Once at Dan’s, I picked him up and we circled for a while before we found parking. We didn’t have any specific place to go or people to see, so Dan showed me the area around Dupont Circle and we circled back to his place after a few hours.

After I dropped off Dan around 1am, I texted Steven and Dave to see where they were, and they’d headed to Georgetown. I drove over there, circled for parking and met them at a bar. We met some law students that turned out to be foreign nanny’s. The Norwegian one was so drunk she was spinning in circles, but that didn’t stop her from getting everyone to form a circle around the homeless rapper after the bars had closed.

Steven and Dave had found some girl’s cell phone in the cab they’d taken to GT, and she was jumping through circles all night trying to get it back. By the end of the night, she had not gotten it back, and it was ringing off the hook.

We headed back to Bethesda and I completed my first circle of the weekend. I didn’t drink (I drove) but my head was doing circles thinking about how much fun my GT friends prob had partying at 3rd edition when they went there.

On Saturday, we woke up and headed to college park for the U of Maryland homecoming game. Considering the forecast was for rain all day, at 11am, the parking lot was empty, so we circled around for a while before we found our friends. By 12, the grill was kinda working (it was raining), and we were 12 people strong, all drinking and eating and such. Around 3:15, some of us headed to the game, while others (Steven) stayed in the car. At 4pm, it was so gross in the stadium, that the 10 people who’d been tailgating all left the game for DC. We after circling for a few minutes, I found a great parking spot and we hit a few bars around Dupont Circle. Around 7:30 we headed back to Bethesda, and completed our second circle of DC.

After a few more beers, there was a knock at the door, and in walked the hottest girl we’d seen all weekend. Considering we’d been to 5 bars and a college football game, that says quite a lot. Jenny wasn’t about to just grab her cell phone and go, so she stayed for a drink, and invited us to the club she worked at in DC. We knew we were going back to CP for most of the evening, but she promised to get us in, and we went our separate ways.

Dave, Steven and I headed back to CP, to their old stomping grounds. The undergrad girls did circles around us, while the recently graduated were actually friendly. The undergrads complained that there were no bar specials and beers were $5 while we were so happy for $5 beers. We circled around two or three bars (I really don’t remember) before Steven gets the urge and says “we’re going to DC in 5 minutes.”

Of course, we headed toward Jenny’s club, Tatoo. We get there and stumble up to the bouncer at 1:30 and Steven drunkenly says “we know…um…we’re here for…um… Jenny?” The bouncer’s like, “Are you guys the cell phone guys?! Come on in!” There was a bottle of Champagne waiting for us, and 3 shots in a circle. I don’t remember much of the rest of the night, but apparently I had a 45 minute conversation about politics and Romania with the old lady cab driver on the way home. I’m pretty sure Steven’s head was doing circles, b/c he was in the bathroom for too long once we got home. Below is a visual description of the weekend’s biggest circles, but I’m pretty sure we Circled the DC wagons.

The drive home was easy. The only circles we did were the ones going on in Steven’s head before he passed out in the back seat. We stopped at Waffle House, to get some grease in our bodies to cure the headaches. Steven was fine again once we dropped the car off, but once we got off the subway by the apartment, his head started spinning again and I did a circle around the block as he sat on the sidewalk, hoping no one was watching him spill his Gatorade.

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Glad he didn't puke in the car.