Monday, November 03, 2008

You're Sitting on Who?

I'm babysitting... right now.

It's pretty easy, esp when the kids are awesome, relatively well behaved, and when they know you very well, b/c you are their uncle.

It's pretty hard when the 1 year old doesn't really have dinner, and can't communicate what she actually wants, and the 4 year old is smarter than you... much smarter than you. Actually, she's adorably evil, and can pretty much get whatever she wants, whenever she wants. "One more Dora episode," "More pizza," "One more book." Yea, its tough.

Luckily, I've got guidelines... before I showed up sister emailed me "Uncle Ben's Survival List."

Uncle Ben’s Survival List:

5pm – Arrive, distract kids in Atara’s room while we sneak out. This avoids about 10 minutes of screaming

5:30 – Dinner.
After they seem like they are done eating. Get strawberries from fridge.

6:00 – Play

6:30 – Pajamas
Lilah’s pajamas are on her changing table. Extras are in the 2nd drawer down. Diapers and wipes are in the first drawer down.**Atara knows where her pajamas are and can get into them by herself.

6:45 – Give Lilah bottle from fridge and put her in crib with “mimi” Shut her door. She should be done for the night.

Atara’s routine:
Pick out a book
Try to go to the bathroom*, wash hands, brush teeth
Read book
Sing songs (three)
close her door

She will almost definitely get up and try to go to the bathroom again. You can do what you feel like when she starts to bargin for another song/book/water/food etc. We give her nothing.

TV & Computer are there for use at your leisure (except if you want to watch live TV once the redskins game has started, please do so in our room). You will be able to watch all of our Tivo stuff)

*She will ask you wipe, but tell her she can do it herself.
**I will change her before I leave so you shouldn’t have to unless she smells really bad.

Thankfully, the **'s were not utilized...but I did keep the "Survival Guide" open on the computer through the night for reference.

I had no clue what songs I'd have to sing to Atara, so I asked her ahead of time, and looked them up on the web. I mean, "This Old Man" has 10 verses!!

All in all, it wasn't a bad experience. I got to leave work early. I got to play w/my nieces. I got free pizza. I got to watch Monday Night Football in peace. I got to write a lil. AND, I got a cookie.

On the flip side, I may have pissed off my boss. I didn't get paid. I may have a heart attack from the pizza. I may get diabetes from the cookie. AND, I'm gonna lose about 3 hours of sleep tonight compared to what I need.


Anonymous said...

she pulled the 'i need you to wipe me' line last time i was there..... and it was a #2 (YUK!)

Meistro said...

Gross! I think she actually faked going to the bathroom, like ran the water to make me think she did. Too smart for me!