Sunday, November 16, 2008

Silly Q's

Most of the Q&A's I receive are relationship related...boys, girls, hooking up, breaking up, etc. About half ask me not to post the Q's and A's, but just email them back. I've decided that most of my Q&A site will be dedicated to these questions. However, quite a few come in that have nothing to do w/anything. Here they are:

Do people still say break a leg?

I feel soooo weird saying that kinda thing. Though I haven't had to say that term to anyone in quite a few months, I believe the last time I was supposed to say it, I chickened out and said "break one" instead. But yes, I do believe the term is still used.

Do you ever pee sitting bec you are feeling lazy?

Absolutely not. Standing is lazy. Do you know how hard it is to sit down and stand up? I'd rather just stand the whole time.

Can you explain to me what is happening in that Derek Jeter commercial for Gatorade w/the grass growing?

I'm pretty sure that the grass growing wherever Jeter walks is a reference to his STD's and how he spreads them wherever he goes. I can't verify this.

Why can't girls show their nipples on TV but guys can?

The real question is, why can girls show their 3rd nipple, but not their second nipple on TV. TMZ always "shows" celebrity nudity, while blurring out the privates, including female 2nd nipples. However, w/3rd nipples, they have no problem showing it. The evidence was HERE but the media was removed, interestingly.

What situations call for red wine, and what situations call for white?

HERE is a very simple wine pairing guide. My rules differ, obviously, here they are.

If I'm getting drunk that night, and may switch from wine, I'm drinking WHITE
If I'm wearing a white shirt, and may be pretty drunk, I'm drinking WHITE
If I'm just having one glass w/no food, I'm having whatever I like the best
If I'm having red meat, I'll usually get RED
If I'm having chicken, I'll usually get WHITE
If I'm having a drink after dinner, I'll usually get sweet WHITE
If I'm getting a bottle w/a date I don't know I'm usually getting WHITE, b/c its safer
If I'm getting a bottle w/a date that I know, I'm getting whatever she wants
If I'm getting a bottle w/a date who I don't like, I'm getting whatever I want
If I'm bringing a bottle w/me to a party, I'm bringing COLD WHITE, it shows that you brought it from home and not from a store
If I'm bringing a bottle w/me to a party where I don't know the people, I'm taking whatever is on my shelf that someone gave to me 8 months ago.

Hope that helps.

Do you French kiss in public?

Not French, unless really drunk. More likely church tongue.

Do you think it is merely coincidence or is there some nefarious purpose behind the following happenstance?

As background, on the Boy Meets World which I have gotten into watching again between the hours of 8 and 9 on ABC family channel, the two title characters are Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel). After about 5 or 6 seasons they all go to college, including Eric, Cory’s older brother. His roommate in college (Pennbrook) is a guy named Jack who is also Sean (Cory;s best friend played by Rider Strong)’s half brother. Anyway, here is the interesting part. Cory’s last name is Matthews and Topanga’s last name is Lawrence on the show. Jack is played by Mathew Lawrence (joey Lawrence of Blossom fame’s brother.) So his real name is made by Cory and Topanga’s last name. JUST A COINCIDENCE??????

Yea, these are my readers...


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honored to have made it!

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I found your "2nd nipple" ramblings amusing