Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I think my friend has a spot on her leg, where if you hit it, she hiccups.

I think I saw the ultimate generosity in Union Square last weekend. I think I saw one homeless person walk by another homeless panhandler and give that homeless person money. I think it was either generosity or senility. I think I read somewhere that even people who receive charity should still give it, even the lowest people on the pole, because it will make you feel self worth. I think I should give more... even though all of my social worker friends say not to.

I think this was my friend’s response when asked if he wanted to invite his sister to his birthday party. “Fuck no! I don’t want my sister at my birthday. I want to get drunk and say inappropriate things to girls. Fuck, I don’t even want my wife at my birthday party!”

I think that Frosted Flakes improves astronomically when eaten with 1% milk instead of skim milk. The change is much more noticeable than the changes w/other cereals.

I think my new business cards have a much better look, but also look like they came from Kinko’s. I think I’d like to get my own, and combine the two. I think I should post pictures of both up here and let you kids decide.

I think talking to women is pretty much the same thing as getting arrested. I think anything you say can and will be used against you.

I think these are some of the famous people who I saw in the last month in non celebrity settings (obv you can see them at a Today Show taping or something): Liam Neeson, Donald Faison, Dustin Hoffman, Richard Kind, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Timothy Olyphant.

I think the synthetic blood they drink in True Blood looks too much like POM Juice and its container, and thus, I think I will never drink POM.

I think some people have this Gossip Gene that I don’t have. I think I’ve heard so many stories that start with “My coworker said something about this girl, but I’m better friends with her, so I told her, and now everyone is fighting.” Seriously, if someone who I work with badmouthed someone else who I work with, why would I tell anyone? Who gains? What’s the point? I think I don’t have the gossip Gene. I think the Gossip Gene might be closely related to the Pass It On Gene, where everything you hear must be passed on to everyone else.

I think the new Iphone feature, where you can have your GPS reported to all of your friends, is the most worthless feature I know. I don't think I know anyone who would want their friends to be able to track where they are located. . . Ok, maybe 15 year olds and parents, but that’s it.

I think I may disappear for December. If my math is correct, the first round of grad school applications are due in January, with the last round due in April. Not that I want to go, but if I were to lose my job in April, I think I’d have a 17 months off of work before school in Sept 2010 if I don't apply now. I don’t think it would be very easy to find a new job in that time frame. Therefore, I think I’ll need to study for the GMAT’s, take the GMAT’s and write lotsa essays in under 2 months.

I think because I was not able to do birthright, I want to be an instructor/counselor/group leader. I think that is a possibility.

I think my cousin is 12 years old, but in order to get on Facebook, she had to lie about her age, and say she is 16.

I think I really like the smell of cinnamon raisin bagels when they are toasted, too bad I don't like raisins.


Anonymous said...

See "Where God Left His Shoes" for a look at the homeless situation. Hasn't opened yet.

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon Burst bagels from Bagels-4-U are like cinnamon raisin but without the raisins.

Anonymous said...

since you have yet to post your holiday 'list' of things that you want, do you want me to post mine? it could be like a guest blogger...(this is daniella)