Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some Sunday Links

I have plenty to say... and hopefully w/late December coming around, I'll be able to share plenty of it. In the interim...

Updated "Ask Ben"

Updated "What Ben Needs" in time for my bday and the holidays. To summarize, a Macy's gift card so I can get everything myself. I'm just waiting for my little sister to post her "what Dannie needs" so I can get her something already!

Also, my niece asked my lil sister (who was babysitting) to call me. THIS is the voice message she left me. I hope the link works. Its sooo cute as she congratulates me for the Jets win.

The ZERO star hotel!

I actually don't think THIS was such a bad lesson plan... if executed properly

This isn't a bad idea to keep local businesses strong. I wonder if all the "Joes" in the city could come up w/something LIKE THIS.

A pretty good use of taxpayer money... Army trash talking Navy

If the kiss was good... DEAFNESS could be worth it.

I just don't even believe THIS


Anonymous said...

They have been doing the local currency thing in The Berkshires (Western Mass.) for awhile...I think it has been relatively successful...

mom said...

Atara is FAB!!