Monday, January 26, 2009

US Air "Hero," Weight Loss, Bdays

Did you see that an airplane landed just landed on the Hudson?

There are 2 things about the Water Landing that have been bothering me lately. First, the idea that this pilot is a HERO. Ok, he's a good pilot, maybe he's the best pilot, but he was doing his job, is he a HERO? If some civilian had landed the plane b/c the pilot was shot, that would be a hero, but what exactly did he do that another pilot wouldn't have done? For example, if a undercover officer stops a plane hijacking, is he a hero or just a good cop? Why should he get credit for randomly being the one who was on THAT particular flight, shouldn't we give credit to all cops/pilots and the system that trained them so well? This guy is a great pilot, and maybe even a great man, but a hero...he is not. I mean, what was he supposed to do? Give up when the engines went bad? I just broke my record for rhetorical questions in one paragraph.

This part of an AP article backs up my theory "President-elect Barack Obama said Monday he had spoken with the California pilot, who told him, 'Me and my crew, we were just doing our job.' The president then stated, 'And it made me think, if everybody did their job — whatever that job was — as well as that pilot did his job, we'd be in pretty good shape.' Obama thinks he was just doing his job... and doing it very very well.

Secondly, a few of my friends have said things like, "I'm totally going to read those emergency cards when I get on a plane next time." WHYYY? The chances a similar accident happens where you'll need the knowledge on those cards is sooooo slim, you'd be wasting your time. Also, the people on the US Air flight likely had not read the cards when they sat in their seats on Thursday... and they ALL SURVIVED. Thus, the flight actually supports the theory that you don't actually need to read the emergency cards on the planes.

How is it possible that you had 140 people messaged you on your birthday? Why were most of them girls?

I have a birthday party theory that keeps me very busy during the year, but also very fake popular. The theory is that when someone has a birthday party, they usually invite their top 100 freinds or so. They expect their top 20 friends to show up, and then a random smattering of the rest. Whoever, out of the rest does show up, they move up on that person's list, into the top 50 or so. When you show up, you'll see the surprise in their eyes, and they'll genuinely be happy you came. (of course, you have to like parties and actually want to go and like the people too). Thus, if you go to enough parties, you can move into everyone's top 50.... maybe you can be in 100 people's top 50. Most of the people who throw bday parties are girls, and thus, I'm in many girl's top 50's. That's prob why most of the questions on here are from girls too.

What is the best way for someone to lose 20 pounds?

I have the magic answer. These 2 methods of weight loss are proven, and in fact, have a 100% success rate. No, I'm not talking about "bulemia" and "anorexia." I'm talking about getting Mono, and breaking your jaw. Getting mono can be awesome. Besides the obvious side effect of feeling like you're going to die... You get to catch up on all of you TV shows, you get a month off from work AND you get to lose 20 pounds! Additionally, contracting Mono can be fun! Just make out w/as many people as possible! I've had 3 friends break their jaws, they were all forced to drink through a straw for the next 6 weeks. This also inevitably led to weight loss.

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