Monday, February 09, 2009

Thinking about Florida, Overalls, Apartments, Organ Donations

I think since there are no First Class seats on Jet Blue, the rich people are the ones who paid $20 extra for the exit row (that was me). Of course, NO ONE but me paid for them because everyone who flies Jet Blue is doing because they are poor and cheep, and thus the people who booked last were just assigned those seats, since they were the only ones left. Doh. (I think a new "adventures of idiot boy" may be necessary pretty soon - here - here - here).

I think I was the only person driving around South Beach in a pick-up truck. At least it was no wimpy truck. It was a huge 4 door Tundra. I think I asked for a small car, but when they car company didn't have one, they offered me the Tundra or the Minivan. I think that was the easiest decision of my trip.

I think half of Florida likely drives pick-up trucks, just not the half south of Orlando.

I think I have never had as much stage fright as I did standing one urinal away from Jim Courier at the Mondrian. His 2 French and 2 Australian Open Championships are a feat, but I would compare my overcoming as just as impressive and pressure filled. I think I said "I really enjoyed watching you play" as we washed hands.

I think I'm adding "when on a vacation" to my 3 reasons to dance. I think the other 3 are "when drunk, when at a wedding, and when trying to impress a girl." (Not impressing w/the dancing skills but w/the spirit to let loose and do it).

I think I fought w/a few people this week over overalls. I THINK A CUTE GIRL IN OVERALL IS SEXY. THOUGHTS?

I think someone new has been reading this website by searching "my nickname - blog." I think I had to delete the reference so that this site can't be found in that way. Not that I want to deter people from reading, but I can't have people finding me w/o me directing them (feel free to identify yourself) random person.

I think I'm psyched for Jaime and Tom's wedding back in Florida in April.

I think I'll be in Egypt for the next two weeks and unlike Israel last year, I won't have my laptop for my daily updates. I think I'll be going 2+ weeks without writing, or at least posting.

I think because I got a new license from New York, I had to pick which organs to donate in the unfortunate event I die. I think I chose only to keep my eyes. For some reason, I feel like they are the center of my consciousness. I think originally I want to keep all that I could feel (heart, lungs but not liver, kidneys), but then I realized that if those organs could save someones life, then I was being selfish. I don't think my eyes can save someones life.

I think my parents should either get a place in South Beach or in Fort Lauderdale, but not somewhere in between. They want an apartment building, on the beach, where there's a boardwalk, in a town with restaurants. I think the only problem with South Beach is the car access, but then again, why do you need a car if you can walk everywhere.

I think either I'm getting really cool, or the New York Times is way out of its league. I think this article (which randomly ran they day I got back from FL) mentioned these South Beach hotspots, and I was at the Mondrian twice, and was invited to parties at the Gansevoort and Meat Market... and would have had no problem getting into any of them.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Facebook Hating

There's a virus going around Facebook called the "25 Random Things," where you post 25 things about yourself that most people don't know... and then all your friends can read it. In honor of that, and out if its inspiration, I've written....

The 25 Random Things I Strongly Dislike About Facebook.

The Rules: If you got tagged in that “25 Random Things” and don’t have any desire to repost and tag. Feel free to take this list, and post it, and even tag people if you really want to.

I Strongly Dislike (Hate is too strong a word):
1) The 25 Random Things about you that no one really cares about you.
2) Poking - The only people that poke are weird, or needy.
3) Anyone on Facebook that is over 40 years old.
4) That you can’t add the school you went to unless you have an email address at that school.
5) Finding out my friends are in a relationship, engaged, pregnant, not in a relationship, through Facebook.

Application Reasons:
6) When someone sends me application out of nowhere. Email me and tell me about it first.
7) 3 words, Little Green Patch.
8) Applications that don’t let you know what they actually are or do until you add them.
9) The “Hint” and “Pause” features in Word Scramble (that’s cheating), and other Scrabble cheaters.

Friends Adding:
10) When people I don’t know add me as a friend.
11) When a friend who I haven’t talked to in years adds me, but doesn’t even say hi.
12) People who are my friends but don’t actually respond to Emails.
13) That the worst thing you can do to a person is Reject or Delete a friend. There should be a “Hells No, I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You” rejection button.
14) When a deleted quasi friend who never messaged to say hi adds you a week after you deleted him/her not realizing you were even friends previously.
15) Friend suggestions from people you aren’t that close with, for people you aren’t that close with. I know who my friends are, I don’t need suggestions.

Status Reason:
16) People who post status messages that imply depression. You really just want and want attention. It’s really sad.
17) People who change their status more than 2x a day. TWO is the limit, and they better be interesting or funny.
18) People who leave “is” as their status update. Like they are so deep or original for doing it.

Picture Peeves:
19) People that have kids, but all the pictures they post are of them getting wasted, w/almost no baby pictures.
20) While you can un-tag yourself in your friend’s pictures, you can’t delete your friend’s pictures.
21) Black and White / glamour pictures of you if you are not actually a model.
22) Any picture album that is over 60 pictures and thus more than 1 album. I don’t care how long your trip was, narrow it down to the top 60.

Other Randomness:
23) Any targeted advertising or polling.
24) Facebook tricks – like people who have 2 accounts or change their birthday.
25) That I took 30 minutes out of my life to write this out of spite / inspiration.