Sunday, March 22, 2009

Texas - I Went Home

I spent last weekend in Austin, Texas for SXSW (South by Southwest). Here are some things I thought about:

I think if a flight is 4 hours, it better serve food and better have TV's. I think I read 250 pages of my 300 page book (Rigged) on the flight, and had to buy a new one for my flight home.

I think I was forced to take book suggestions from strangers and ended up with The Road, a really really good book that's an absurdly depressing story about a boy and father trying to survive a post apocalyptic world.

I think you know when you're reading a good book when someone on the Shuttle stops you and tells you so, and then tells you that he's got a son and it totally messed him up for a few weeks.

I think that we took 50 pictures over the weekend but I could only post 5 online because the rest were just drunken and stupid. I think that going out in a group of 5 people with fake mustaches was a great way to help me have a good time when I don't talk to strangers. I think, because of those fake mustaches, people talked to me!

I think that I'm gonna have to throw a white trash mustache party at the TP in the next few months (maybe my roommate's bday memorial day weekend). What a blast it would be.
I think it bothers me when non engaged girls are reading bridal magazines.

I think turbulence only hits airplanes when I'm in the bathroom, making my peeing experience on planes similar to my drunken peeing experiences - balance issues. I think pilots just shouldn't let me use the facilities, for the other passengers' sakes.

I think after 3 days of drinking, BBQ and live music, I need detox. I'm thinking about eating healthy, giving up alcohol, exercising, and maybe even giving up dating for 90 days (till the summer) in order to clean my slate and start over. Maybe I'll apply to grad school w/all my free time.

I think southerners have a major inferiority complex regarding the civil war. I think this is what was written on the front of the "memorial" at the Texas capital building:

For states rights guaranteed under the constitution.
The people of the south, animated by the spirit of 1776, to preserve their rights, withdrew from the federal compact in 1861. The north resorted to coercion. The south, against overwhelming numbers and resources, fought until exhausted. During the war, there were twenty two hundred and fifty seven engagements; in eighteen hundred and eighty two of these, at least one regiment took part. Number of men enlisted: Confederate Armies, 600,000: Federal Armies, 2,855,132. Losses from all causes: Confederate, 437,000: Federal, 485,216."

I think what I really like about this is that the federal numbers are exact, but the confederate are not. I think I can't imagine a memorial in the north with wording like this!

I think it sounds like a "we lost, but we were better, and we were in the right" Though, I think if I lived in the south, I'd have a complex too.

I think Austin was amazing, and UT would have been an amazing college experience, but I don't think it's a city I'd ever consider living in... just partying in.

The natives in Texas always say "Go Big or Go Home!"
In the end, I went home.

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