Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2nd Annual MGTW (NJ Style)

2nd Annual MGTW (NJ Style):

Can you think of any good reason to wake up at 6:30 AM on a Sunday besides morning sex or flying somewhere? Well… this past Sunday, I found a 3rd reason. The second annual MGTW (NJ Style)… Mini Golf Tournament Weekend. Last year’s event was split over 2 days and was played on Long island. This year… it was a one day marathon, to the death.

Steiny, Slaw, Aussie and myself got a car, and headed to NJ at 7am. At 8am, when we arrived at the first course the lot was packed… with real golfers. You could say that the staff member at the pro shop was shocked when we asked to play the empty mini golf course. You could also say that he was extremely jealous when we told him we’d be hitting up to 10 courses at 8 locations all over NJ during the day in a massive mini golf tournament (time permitting).

Here’s a picture of us bright and early at the first course:

Besides feeling like it was 100 degrees outside and each of us drinking well over a gallon of liquids, the event was relatively uneventful...regardless of my utter domination

Aussie was dominating until forced to play through injury. Somehow, he had small shards of glass on his index finger. I believe this was a sabotage job by Steiny, but I have no evidence to back this up.

We played at Monster Golf, an indoor course that was lit by ultra violet lights (picture below):

We found a pizza place that had large pies for $7.50 on Sundays. It was worth the 10 minute wait.

We saw a guy 11 put from 3 feet away, in front of his GF, and then hit a hole in one on the next hole.

Like in a cartoon, Aussie stepped on his putter while it was lying on the ground and it swung up and smacked him in the crotch. Unfortunately, I missed this.

Final Scores after 6 courses:
Meistro: 282
Slaw: 291
Steiny: 291
Aussie: 292

Courses Won:
Aussie: 3
Meistro: 2
Steiny: 2

Holes in One:
Steiny: 9
Aussie: 8
Meistro: 8
Slaw: 6

Though I had to leave the group, the 3 remaining continued to play 1 more course, where Aussie took control from the other 2 remaining competitors. He will claim victory, and that I quit and thus my scores are nullified. I will claim that a 10 stroke lead was insurmountable, and dinner w/grandma was not cancelable. This may need to be settled on the field of battle.

Below is a map of our driving path and the courses we went to:


Ariel said...

i gotta get in on this!

Aussie said...

Who gets up at 6:30 on a Sunday for sex?