Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Forget: Friday Night is Karaoke Night

Don't Forget: Friday Night is Karaoke Night

I took "my DJ" up to the Poconos this weekend for a night and day away from the loud city. While getting away for one night isn't that big of a deal, I'm away this coming weekend (Tahoe), she's away the following 2 (Italy), and then I'm away the following 3 (Israel, Denver)... so we probably won't hang out again until mid September.

I’ve been going to the Poconos since my parents got the house, more than 20 years ago. In fact, the first entry in the guest book is something my friend, who got married last weekend, wrote in 1989. We’d always come up w/friends, or family, and I’d never plan anything, and I’d definitely never experienced the culture which exists two hours west of New York.

The first thing we noticed up there was how bad the economy is in the rural US, compared to New York. We stopped at a mall to see what movies were playing b/c it was raining, and almost every store was vacant. I’m not talking about a lack of patrons, I’m talking about a lack of tenants. It was actually pretty scary.

We stopped at an outdoor (but covered) Italian Tiki bar for dinner (They had shrip parm!). The customers had been drinking for hours and the stories they were telling were as "fresh" as anything I’d ever heard. Though DJ and I didn’t mind the entertainment at all, the locals were unnecessarily apologetic, to the point where one of them bought us drinks. I guess if he’s jobless and living off my tax dollars, he may as well buy me a drink (wow, I’m an ass!). I guess DJ and I stood out like sore thumbs. Right before we left, Karaoke at the Tiki bar was just starting up.

Our next stop was the Carnival across the street. Due to the rain, but though the rain had stopped, it was empty and thus closing at 9. We walked to the hotel across the street to see if anything else was going on. Apparently, Karaoke takes place at the Fernwood every Friday night too.

Onto the house we drove, but the road was closed, and thus we stopped at a local establishment for directions on the detour. As I stood waiting to ask a waitress, a local asked what I needed(everyone this weekend was so freaking friendly) and of course, asked where I was from. I guess I stood out like a sore thumb.

Of course we had to make 1 more stop before getting to the house, the Log Cabin Bar & Restaurant. They have pizza and wings and beer and corn nuggets… a full service restaurant. I ordered 2 beers, and the absurdly old bartender told me it was $3, and he meant for BOTH. Yes, I’m talking about $1.5/a beer! The bartender was so old, he asked where we were from, twice. Let me make this clear... The man asked for our orders, noticed how much we stood out, and then asked where we were from. No more than 5 mintues later, he walks over, forgets who we are, notices how much we stand out, and asks where we are from, again. Of course, it was karaoke night at the Log Cabin on Friday night.

Saturday was spent:

Hiking to a waterfall (Click for Pic, and Another),

Hitting that carnival when it was open but still void of people
(Picture of me trying not to puke on the scramble below),

Sliding down a slide (video),

Driving down to the Delaware River where we saw some sort of ritual baptism (picture),

Going to a bakery and picking up some chocolate peanut butter cream pie,

Blinking and realizing that 2 hours had just passed after an awesome nap,

Food shopping for my apartment and office in NJ (Saved so much money buying 20 boxes of cereal),

And eating at a NJ diner.

Here are some things I was thinking about while driving:

I think I forgot to pack my asthma meds, my sandals and my sneakers though I only packed for one night. I think DJ forgot her toothbrush, though she packed enough for 4 nights.

I think the Delaware River is so flat you can’t even tell which way the water is flowing. I think that every time I think of the Delaware, I think of Jaime’s 30th birthday rafting trip where we filled the rafts w/beer and floated 5 miles in 5 hours.

I think I love creating perfect text messages, I may be obsessed. To explain, a perfect text message is one that is exactly 140 characters. I'll add / subtract / alter words just to get there. I think this is the perfect text I sent to my dad saturday night "FYI...I got to you apt friday after work and when changing into shorts before driving I realized my sandals were on 18th st. So I stole a pair of yours! Thanks"

I think I see signs for a “tap room” all the time, and have no idea what one is.

I think that when people ask me "what type of music do you like?" my new response is going to be "music that was written before I was born." I think I've always like the classic rock & the Q.

I think it’s strange when the media discusses how someone fought cancer valiantly. Are there people who don’t and would the media mention it if they didn’t?

I think Harry Potter is an obsession that I’m quite happy about. Before the 6th movie came out, I reread the 6th book, again, for the 3rd time. (I read it when it came out and right before the 7th book came out). I think I love working at a place that is every banks client because it allowed me to go to a screening of HP6, before it opened. I think my sales coverage was shocked when I told him I wanted 2 tickets after he offered to all of his clients. I think I was the only one of his clients w/o kids who wanted tickets.


Mr. Horsham said...

Chocolate peanut butter cream pie sounds absoultey amazing

Daniella said...

i was gonna ask who's sandals those were in the video - but then i read the answer in the 'i think' section below. phew. i was afraid you turned into a 60 year old man. and where is there a tiki bar in the poconos??

DJ said...

This article from the NYT "Well" blog reminded me of your "thought" as noted in this post...