Sunday, July 05, 2009

Driving that LIRR Train

It's July 4th weekend, and this is the FIRST weekend all summer that I have not been out to Long Island. When asked about Long Island, I used to say things like "I've been east of JFK twice, and only for weddings" or "I love Long Island! It's an amazing barrier island for Connecticut. Keeps CT safe from Hurricanes." Now a days, it seems as though I'm taking the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) every weekend. AND I hate to admit this, but I actually enjoy being out there. Its 2 hours or less, and all of a sudden, you're relaxed, having a drink, forgetting your NYC stress, and pretending you're on vacation.

I hate posts like this, so I'll try to keep it interesting, but here's a quick recap of my Long Island Adventures.

On Saturday, May 23rd, I went hiking up in the Bear Mountain area, right by Westpoint w/some volleyball friends. Here are some pictures of me from that hike

On Sunday, May 24th, I drove up to the Hamptons for the evening. I am part of a share up there, and there was an extra spot for the night so I took it. Drinks at Sunset Beach on Shelter Island and then to a really nice dinner in Sag Harbor. I knew 3 of the people up there, so figured I'd have fun. Def wasn't worth the trip.

Interesting things from this weekend:
- I drove 2 hours to Bear Mountain, and 2 hours back, and not one of the 4 people in my car offered to pay for gas. WTF?
- Everyone had bad allergies.
- I suggested ice cream after the hike, and didn't get any, while everyone else did.
- No idea why, but I'm just not eating that much ice cream this summer.
- I drove home from the Hamptons with a guest as well, she didn't offer to pay for gas after that ride either. WTF?
- I met a very nice, down to earth girl, who was absolutely nuts with a little alcohol in her. She didn't know where to stop, didn't know what she was doing. I ended up having to pull her out of a fight w/some foreigners who's boyfriends she was trying to grind up against.

On Friday May 29th, went to the Hamptons house w/the roommate. Went to Dune and had an OK time. Saturday, Steven and I went to the Wolfer Estate b/c the Hurricane's friend's family owns the place. Drank wine all day there. Everyone went to dinner except Steven and I b/c we didn't really like the people there that weekend and we didn't want to spend $100 a person to sit w/them. We watched basketball at Madame Tongs, where they were supposed to meet us afterwords. They never did, or messaged. Left early on Sunday, at least driving was only 1.5 hrs or so.

Friday June 5th, Steven and I decided to go to Fire Island, just for the night. Mr. Robinson joined us and we crashed at Steven's Aunt and Uncle's place in Ocean Beach. Despite the rainiest possible night ever, FI was still a blast. We had to teach Mr. Robinson how Fire Island is the Key West of the East, or 7's Heaven, as I now like to refer to it. (We call it 7's Heaven b/c every one's a 7. No one is ugly, no one is super hot, every one's just above average). I met this lovely girl, and you can read all about her HERE. For those of you wondering, I went with option D), I never wrote her back. Saturday, we left early and took the train to Belmont Raceway for the Belmont Stakes (In Queens, which is technically LI). Met up w/the Hurricane and her Roommate and other friends. A few coworkers were there, a few volleyball people were there....and I won some $$$. Just a great weekend, ruined a few days later, but still great times.

Friday June 12th, I headed out to FI for one of my share weekends. Steven was celebrating his birthday out there and I was in a house with Evan, Robbie, and a few other kids I knew. Was a pretty good night for all...and I left early in the morning to take the LIRR back to NY for Party at the Piers. Party at the Piers was a huge success. I had about 30 of my friends come and we raised something like $27K. Thought it was raining, the outdoor party was covered by a canopy. After the party was the after party at my apt, only a few avenues away. Here are some pictures from that evening. I met DJ for only the second time that evening, but we've hung out quite a few times since. It's somewhat amazing to me that 5 days after I write something like "I'm not even close to dating anyone," I meet someone. Then all of a sudden, I'm dating someone.

Friday June 19th, I don't actually have a share this weekend and spend most of my time in NYC. It's father's day weekend, and my coworker's friend's dad couldn't go to the US open, so she gave her tkts to my coworker, and he took me! So back onto the LIRR it was for a Sunday at the US Open. (Bethpage, NY). Unfortunately due to the rain, it was only 3rd round play. Double unfortunately due to the rain, I was covered in mud and my plans to go straight to grandma's for BBQ had to be altered slightly. Here's a picture of my shoes after this lovely day in the mud.

Friday June 26th it was back to Fire Island for a full weekend in Evan's share. Steven and Tom joined me and lets just say it was an awesome weekend. Elana, Daniella and David their own house that weekend and partied like rock stars with the rest of us. I bumped into Peterson, I made some new friends, and I had no desire to talk to any "real" girls. Strange! The first 24 pictures of this ablum are from this weekend.

Yes, folks, that brings us to 4th of July weekend. After 6 weekends in a row spending time on Long Island, I'm finally back in NYC. And let me tell you, I did NOTHING this weekend. Well....after Thursday night's party. Last year on the Thursday before July 4th we had a little house warming / rooftop party (Here's the link where I mentioned it w/pics). This year, since no one was working July 3rd, we had the 2nd Annual Thursday before July 4th Party. The last 50 pictures in this album are from the party. I'd say it went pretty well, though I do owe g-d a thank you. (it stopped raining at 7:30pm, and the night was perfect after that). The only way it would have better is if Hurricane and DJ were there.

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