Friday, July 31, 2009

I said "I love you" Three Times

This is a conversation I had w/my friend Baribie. She says so many "amazing" things I'm forced to respond w/"I love you" three times. Just an awesome conversation.

Barbie: So, I had tentative plans with bartender this past weekend but was agonizing over when to see him and how to text him and when. So I decided to wait till Friday late night to booty call him when he’s about to finish at the bar.

Meistro: I love you

Barbie: Friday morning I realize I left my charger in jersey so in the afternoon I headed down to a Verizon store near J to buy a charger.
So I pay for a used charger and suddenly guess who appears at my side, Bartender!
Looking even more gorgeous in daylight.
He grabs my arm and tells me to stay till he’s done with his phone issue
We walk to the bar together so he can open up and he tells me he will try to get out at a normal hour (before 3)
Lo and behold, he texts me at 11 to say he should get out by 2, perfect
2 am he meets me at J’s and cabs us over
We pass out by 5
5 30 am the doorbell is ringing
He rolls over and he’s like, “fuck my girlfriend’s here!”
I thought I was in a TV sitcom!!!! It was amazing!

Meistro: Hahaha Did you hide for the night? Climb out the window?

Barbie: no I snuck up to the second floor waited in the hall until they were both in his apt and then bolted.
He gave me money for a cab.

Meistro: How nice

Barbie: crazy!

Meistro: Did you feel cheap?

Barbie: No, I was annoyed that I was woken up at 5 am though
I knew he had someone and he’s not the only person I’m banging
I didn’t respond till two days later and he was like, “please come over. What’s your favorite ice cream?”
So I went over Sunday night and we talked, I had a lot of questions about the girlfriend.
I was so curious. Like, what was she doing there at 5 am??? and we just kind of vegged on the couch and he gave me a foot rub and we talked for hours
It was nice.
I like getting to know the people I bang.
It makes it more interesting.

Meistro: He has a girl friend?!?! You have a job now... You don't need that anymore! :)

Barbie: yeah but it’s the best sex of my life.
I would totally do this if I had a job too.
He looks like Adonis, I’ve never been attracted to anyone like this.

Meistro: You say that every new guy.

Barbie: true, well about the sex.
But its true the sex gets better and better as we get older.
But he really is in another league.
He’s been with her on and off for 5 years. She’s the "love of his life." They broke up a year ago and he moved out, He says they absolutely cannot live together, it was disastrous. So they are trying to rebuild now but they fight a lot. It’s very passionate.

Meistro: So he has no future w her or you...

Barbie: well maybe for them
It sounds like he really cares about her.
Never thought he was dateable.
He’s too good looking to trust. He doesn’t have enough Jew in him. He’s 26
Barbie: and he’s not funny enough

Meistro: I love you

Barbie: :)
Oh, he said one funny thing.
I was saying how an affair is fun because it s secret only two of u share and he was like, “AND all of YOUR friends!”
Sigh, he knows me so well.

Meistro: Did you video the sex yet so you can remember forever. I'm sure you are not the first he’s cheated with. That's why the sex is good.

Barbie: no but we took some pics on his phone

Meistro: Haha... So he can have you forever.

Barbie: Of course I’m not the first.
I think he’s even had sex with more people than me!

Meistro: Oh boy.

Barbie: He was like, “if I join Facebook will u be my friend?” Which was weird cause he won’t let me take pics of him or tell people his name.

Meistro: Of course not.

Barbie: well and also he’s the face of his family’s company.

Meistro: Any pic of him posted will get him caught if you have mutual friends. Do you know his name!?

Barbie: yeah

Meistro: You are so in love

Barbie: I’m in lust.

Meistro: In crush.

Barbie: Totally

Meistro: I love you


Daniella said...

where do you find these people???

Anonymous said...

I don't see the logic in the 'I love you' response. It's more like, 'I hear you. (Get help.)'

Meistro said...

I have a list of generic phrases to respond to comments as someone else is typing. They include: Nice, Sweet, Awesome, Cool, Wow, Hmmm, Ok, Crazy...etc etc... The highest level of the generic comment phrase is "I love you." Meaning, that the persons comment was so out there, if I didn't love them, I'd be judging them. The statements made before the "I Love You's" were out of this world...