Thursday, October 01, 2009

Israel Summarized

For quick reference, here are all of the parts of my trip:

Israel Part 1: I Can’t Stand El Al / Rules for Flying
Israel Part 2: Friday in Tel Aviv / Rules for Eating
Israel Part 3: Saturday in Tel Aviv / Rules for Tanning
Israel Part 4: Sunday in Tel Aviv Haifa / Rules for clothing shopping, The Fate Method
Israel Part 5: Monday in Haifa / Rules for Hangin w/Your Family:
Israel Part 6: Tuesday - Wedding / Rules for learning a New Language, Part 1
Israel Part 7: Wednesday in Ayalim / Rules for Building a Mud Hut
Israel Part 8: Thursday in Ayalim / Rules for Learning a New Language, Part 2
Israel Part 9-12: Friday - Sunday in Hefzi Ba / Flight Home

And here are the pictures:


And here is a summary of my trip, using numbers to remember:

1 – Movies I watched during 22 hours of airplane flights
2 – Times I ate pork on the first 2 days
3 – Time I upset Elana by not wanting to play with her kids constantly, or during meal time.
4 – Times I apologized unsuccessfully for not wanting to hang out with Elana and/or her kids, all the time, or during meal time.
5 – New FB friends I have from the Negev, we’ll see if any become real friends
6 – Days I went shopping (Friday, Saturday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday)
7 – Days I went to the beach or pool (excluding Desert as beach)
8 – Dinner’s, out of 9, in which I overate (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
9 –Nights I drank moderately including wine on the flights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

And here are some things Atara has said really loudly so that the people she’s talking about definitely heard her:

- About an Asian woman – “Why does that woman have slanted eyes?”
- About a guy with a pony tail – “Why does that woman have a beard?”
- About a guy in a wheel chair – “Oh no! A monster!”
- About a really fat woman – “That woman is so fat!”
- About a boy in her swim class – “Daddy, that boy’s vagina looks weird.” So Daddy responds, “That’s his penis.” And Atara again, “Daddy, you don’t have a penis.”

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Anonymous said...

that last section is hilarous. please keep that as a reccuring topic - 'things atara (or really any other kid for that matter) said that the person must have overheard'