Thursday, February 18, 2010


Three weeks ago, I sat down at my desk, and one of the 5 wheel spokes of my chair broke.

Two and a half weeks ago, I woke up on Saturday morning and watched a fitness infomercial and got very curious / inspired.

Two weeks ago, I ordered "The Insanity," an intense cardio workout for atheletic people.

Ten days ago, I started videos with a fit-test. Eight, 1-minute exercises that I could barely finish. I almost puked after and could hardly move for 4 hours. You retake the fit-test every 14 days over the 60 day workout to judge your progress.

The workouts are daily, with 1 rest day every week, and they are intense... 3-4 minutes of "work and sweat and push and dig" as hard as you can with 30 seconds of break before another 3-4 minute set. The best part of the video is when Sean T is walking around to see how the others behind him are doing and he's like "your form is compromised, take a break." Seriously, there are 10 fit, athletic people behind him and they drop like flies during some of the workouts. There are 12 different workouts, there's a calendar, and there's a nutrition book. Let's just say I use 2 of those 3 things.

I've worked out at my DJ's once, when she wasn't there. I worked out in the living room of my apt once, when my roommate wasn't there. Otherwise, I've been doing the DVD's in my room, on my carpeting. I don't really have any desire to do these workout with others (though my pride, when working out w/someone else, could help me push through the tough spots). My shoes (3 different pairs) hurt my feet so much that the last 2 times I did all the workouts barefoot. I purchased new ones...I'll be returning them.

Considering that a gym membership cost $120 a month, this is def worth it so far. I forsee problems staying motivated and problems finding time. So far, I have yet to miss a day (except to play volleyball), but I have a feeling that I may start to miss some days as I try not to skip out on the rest of my life. Hopefully, my DJ can keep me motivated.

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