Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Say No To Drugs - Like Coffee

Coffee is a drug, and should be regulated.

Whenever people ask me why I don’t like coffee, I always respond with “I don’t do drugs, and coffee is pretty much speed.” The ironic thing is, I’m not joking. For those of us who don’t drink coffee, actually having a cup now and then will really mess us up.

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I couldn’t stay awake at work. (I had gotten 7 hours of sleep). Around 3pm I headed to Starbucks and ordered a Tall Mocha Frappuchino. After a few sips I could feel the impact. After ¾ of it, I was in a great mood, I wasn’t tired, and I was typing up a storm. I was making all sorts of decisions (like buying an apartment), under the influence of this drug. Making decisions while under the influence should not be encouraged, and I shouldn’t be responsible for the decisions I make while under the influence. Yesterday evening, I worked out at 8, showered and watched TV till 12, and couldn’t fall asleep until 2am. Last night's sleep was a terrible sleep, and I woke up needing another coffee type substance to get through the day. Being that I’m not quite addicted yet, I have decided to break from this never ending circular catch 22.

I’ve smoked (not often) and I’ve drank (very often), but the lasting impact from my big glass of 1/2 coffee 1/2 hot cocoa trumps the impact of those other drugs.

All I know is this –

Coffee is like speed
It’s a drug
It messes you up
It makes your heart race
It makes you sleep poorly
It makes you crave more
It’s the same as a 5 hour energy
It’s the same as a NoDoze

I’m going back to coke (a cola).


dj said...

i say no to this regulation!

i enjoyed reading your post as i had the last sip of my daily 20oz americano...

JT said...

I guess this means you have to quit chocolate milk too.

david said...

I am with you. I have never had a cup of coffee, and never will!

Daniella said...

you also have to cut out your beloved coffee ice cream - more caffeine in that than a soda!