Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eyja Didn't Ruinja Pragueja

Eyja Went to Prague - Here Are The Pictures

Eyja had no idea the Volcano was going to create so many problems:
When My DJ and I took off from JFK to Prague, Eyjafjallajokull had been spewing ash for days but had just started creating havoc over northern Europe. There were no warnings that the airport closures would last. There were no warnings that this wouldn’t blow over. There was only “today” and our flight was taking off, so we got on it. In hindsight, we may have collectively decided to miss the flight… I’m pretty glad we didn’t. This trip kicked ASH.

Eyja love red eye’s, as long as the flights are long enough:
Our flight took off a little late, which we were happy about (who can fall asleep at 5pm anyway). Our flight was rerouted across the Atlantic and Alps (check pic 2) instead of the over Nova Scotia and Scandinavia, which gave us more time to sleep. My DJ’s drugs kept her asleep most of the flight while Eyja got 5 hours in (check pic 1).

Eyja know you all want to know what the weather was like:
It was 60 and sunny during the day and 45 and chilly at night. Beautiful in the sun, cold in the wind.

Ejya didn’t plan what we were going to do during our 3 days there until we got there:
We jumped off the plane, headed to Amy’s hotel room. She’s in Prague through May for work and graciously invited us to visit. We headed through the old city, across the Charles bridge (pic 3-5), and up toward the Castle. Eyja gave a walking tour for the next few hours, as we passed the John Lennon Wall (pic 12-13), the US embassy (pic 9), some light up penguins (pic 17), some awesome architecture (pic 8), some interesting sculptures (pic 16) and a ton of pubs (pic 7), churches (pic 6), and restaurants. After lunch, which we spent watching a boy make card houses using coasters (pic 19), My DJ led us through the Castle, once we made it up there (it’s gotta be 200 ft above “river” level), and we saw another church, some palace rooms and views, and a torture chamber (pics 20-27).

Eyja didn’t feel like I’d left New York:
For dinner, we (DJ, Amy and Ey) had Italian food. After dinner, we met up with some of Amy’s coworkers and went to an Irish pub (pic 31). There, we witness really bad singing that legitimately forced people to leave the bar even as some patrons tried to take the mic and sing themselves.

Eyja had an awesome Saturday:
We hit the communist museum (pic 32), crossed the river (pic 33) and headed up to Letna park, which overlooks the entire city. Atop, we had drinks (pic 34) and I enjoyed a the standard Czech meal: Beef, dumplings, cream sauce, and whipped cream (pic 35). After walking around the park for a while and seeing a giant metronome (pic 37) in the middle of an ad-hoc skateboard park, we crossed the river again and Amy ditched us.

Eyja don’t like classical music that much:
My rents said we had to see a show, and since every church, theatre, and bathroom was having performances, we decided to stop at one. But first, we had hot chocolate (pic 40) and espressos (pic 41) on the pier under the Charles bridge. The hot chocolate was to die for. The concert was possibly the most expensive thing on the whole trip. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.

Eyja was way to old to be clubbing in this town:
We had dinner with a bunch of Amy’s coworkers at a Club, Duplex, so we wouldn’t have a problem getting in. We were way too old to stick around for more than 45 min after dinner. We stopped at a dive bar on the way home and had a little “kid” fun (pics 42-46).

Eyja don’t want to talk about everything we did, b/c that’s boring:
We found out Sunday our Monday flight was cancel and spent the day on the phone and at the train station figuring out how to get home. Delta, our airline, put us on a Saturday flight through France (it was that or direct 9 days later). We also booked flights from Prague to Brussels and home, from Prague through Vienna and home (if Brussels was still closed) and from Rome to Miami and home (just in case the whole of northern Europe stayed closed). We also got a train tkt to Rome if necessary. Of course, by the time we would have needed to be in Rome, the skies were open enough that we could have flown to Rome for less than taking the train. FYI, we ended up taking Austrian Air to Vienna….problem free.

On Monday we did what we wanted to do on Sunday, which was take the self guided walking tour of the Jewish Ghetto. We found a kosher restaurant (Shelanu), and a bagel /sandwich shop, which made me very happy.

For the rest of the trip, we woke up late, did one thing in the early afternoon and worked for 3 hours at an internet café. In the evenings, we had some great dinners and some drinks (including a little absinthe). Amy was an awesome hostess, and could have cared less had we stayed for an extra 10 days. She even gave us her bed (though she claimed that the cot was more comfortable than her hard bed).

Other slightly interesting things:

Ejya don’t like walking that much:
We probably walked 10 miles on Friday, Saturday & Monday. . . Walking 5 miles on Tuesday, and Wednesday. Gotta prepare for the Great Saunter!

Eyja love breakfast:
Amy’s hotel came with free breakfast! Though it ended at 11am on weekdays and 11:30 on weekends, we made it on time 1 day. That’s is pretty damn embarrassing as far as I’m concerned. Oh, and it had an omelet station and champagne daily!

Things I think I think about Prague:
I think
if you want to know what it’s like walking down a random street in Prague (in the tourist area) it goes something like this. “Pub, Church, Restaurant, Repeat.”

I think there are more KFC’s in Prague than there are in NY. However, they don’t serve the double down!

I think, I learned that the goal of the Germans during WWII was to eradicate the Jews and create a museum in Prague while I was at the Jewish Museum. I think, considering the fact that there aren’t many Jews in Prague and that the museum is located throughout 4 old synagogues, that maybe the Nazi’s succeeded.

I think, on Monday night we went for drinks and started talking to some Czech guys. I think it bothers me when foreigners belittle Americans for not speaking any other languages like we’re lazy. If everyone in the world spoke French, and they only spoke English in America and England, I’m sure I would have learned French by now. Why is it so hard to understand that being an English speaker makes learning other languages less necessary than being a Czech speaker. I think a good analogy might be algebra, but I haven’t thought it through yet. I think If a foreigner knows 10 European languages, then I’ll be impressed, but if he/she just knows English better than I know their language, I claim necessity. I think I may have upset them when I asked how many times the Czech region had been conquered and asked if they ever thought about trying to defend themselves instead of just letting everyone in.

I think Eyjafjallajokull spews ash, and sucks ash, but was definitely a pain in the ash. (yes, there are plenty of word plays to make with “ash”)

I think my favorite day in Prague was Nutella day. I had a Nutella crepe for breakfast and then a Nutella Pizza Pie for dessert (with whipped cream, pic 60).

I think I saw Crazy Heart and Young Victoria in the last 6 months. I think both were good, but I think there’s no reason to see each again. I think it was pretty funny that Crazy Heart was on the flight there and we would have seen Young Victoria on the way home if our flight hadn’t been canceled.

I think it would have been a really fun series of pictures of My DJ and I if the airport had stayed closed longer Monday at noon (our canceled flight was Monday at 10:30am). I think just having 2 pictures of us standing next to “airport closed” signs isn’t as interesting (pic 47 and 51).

I think the funniest thing I heard on the whole trip was this, “My mom always thinks I’m dead.”

I think I could never date someone who walks slow.

I think my “global” phone sucked! I performed fine, besides the fact that it would lose signals and couldn’t pick up an new one unless I restarted it (which happened 4x a day).

I think it was awesome that my rents surprised us at JFK and drove us back to the city (last pic #66). So fun!

I think, besides absinthe night where we claim we don't remember anything, my DJ and I couldn't have gotten along better.

What do you do when someone writes "I can't talk now?" If you write back, you are ignoring their desire but if you just let the conversation end without responding, aren’t you being rude?

Why don’t planes have head holders that come from the seat, wall or ceiling that hold your head to the side? Most people can’t sleep with their heads straight back, most people like to lean to the right or left. Why can’t they create a support system that does this? I’ll draw you a picture, it wouldn’t be that hard.

What does society think acceptable risk is? Drunk Driving and Cancer are examples of non acceptable risks. We don’t want them in our society so we fight them. Yet we fly jets through meteor showers, we drive in the rain, we walk cross the street when the light is red. Sometimes, I think societies gauge is the “getting struck by lightning parable.” If it’s more likely than getting struck by lightening, then it is not an acceptable societal risk.

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DJ said...

Had an amazing time with you!
I think you forgot to mention that the place we 'worked' from was not only an internet cafe but also a: head shop, alcohol store, tanning salon, hair salon and bar...
Other than that, I think that your post is a great recap of the trip!