Sunday, July 14, 2013

Things We Learned in Costa Rica

It isn’t easy to tell the difference between a police officer or person of authority and someone who is just telling you to do something and/or go somewhere.

A soda is like a Costa Rican diner.  No one knows why it’s called a “soda”
Locals say “mucho gusto” as “you are welcome” instead of “de nada.”  They’re so formal.

Cats can get pregnant before 6 months old.
Does the rice trick work with salt water damage to a phone?  We’ll find out!?  (Update: it does not)

Casado is the traditional meal of beans, rice, fried plantains, and a meat or fish.  It comes from the word Casa, which means house, as in this is what the man wants on the table when he gets to his house.
Park anywhere there is room

Buy tire insurance and wear your seatbelt, it is going to be a bumpy ride
There are very few radio stations, and even fewer ones with “American” songs. (or songs in English)

Black sand does not stick to red toe nail polish, but does make your feet sparkle.
It’s hot, so drink your drinks before they get warm

Thus, every drink really hits the spot
There are stray dogs everywhere, but they are very well behaved and seemingly trained to play well with tourists.

When dogs have to eat off of strangers plates, they learn to be very polite.
Don't go to Costa Rica if you don't like dogs.

The ketchup is Heinz, but tastes nothing like the US version. #horror
Abbie loves mud, as long as it’s worm free.

After applying mud, let it dry, then wash it off, before getting into the hot spring.
An easy test to know if you’re sunburnt or not, jump in a hot spring

If there is a random tree growing in the middle of the road, it may have a sign on it warning that there’s a tree in the middle of the road.
Abbie can fall asleep on the bounciest gravel, pot hole filled roads (she did twice!)

Breathing in air filled with volcanic sulfur results in headaches.
On Rincon de la Vieja, there are probably more ants than humans in the world

Driving toward a volcano, it looks like it is on fire with smoke coming up from the trees.  But it’s a volcano, so it probably was on fire.
There is a type of “bunny” that lives at on the volcano that has no ears or tail.

Throwing rocks at snakes is a good way to see if it’s alive.  It was.
Whether on a tropical volcano, in a tropical rain forest, at a tropical resort or on a tropical beach, make sure you turn off lights in your room at night before opening the door to avoid deluge of bugs

On that note, when watching the sunset from your balcony overlooking the ocean, close the windows before the sunsets.
Tube tops and boogie boards do not go together.

ATMs are not widely available
Playa Samara is a home for hippies - young and old & surfers

Hammocks abound, and w them, hammock pictures.
Day 4 and we still don't know the differences bw the 3 types of imperial beer despite drinking it 6 times

Ice cream should be easier to find.
Hertz maps don't have road names or numbers. Google "directions" are pretty worthless, but signs aren't bad…as long as you know the name of the towns that are in the direction you are going

People live in fairly remote areas - more than you expect.  The bus system must be excellent.

You know the wedding is going to be awesome when…

The mini fan, the TV channel with pictures of the happy couple, the bottle of rum in your room, the suggestion to buy alcohol at the airport to avoid expensive hotel alcohol, the included buffet breakfasts, the three nights of parties. But most importantly, Wi-Fi included! 

You know your hunch was right when you witness…
3 inches deep of rose petals to walk down , the conversion of a ballroom and lounge into a rain forest, 10 hours of non-stop music (alternating DJ’s and bands), 10 hours of non-stop food (sliders at 2am anyone?) fireworks (obviously)

Here’s a little video from the volcano – Rincon De La Vieja

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