Tuesday, March 03, 2015

BiBi Does Not Represent Me

Last week, when discussing his “responsibility” to speak in front of US Congress about the Iran threat (or to undermine the US president and his policies to support his own agenda), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated “My responsibility is to worry not only about the State of Israel, but also the future of the Jewish people.”  Well, Mr. Netanyahu, you have been a complete failure at your responsibilities, and you do not represent me.  Here’s why:

My representative believes it is good for Israel to be a Bi-Partisan issue in America, and would not have actively lobbied for and campaigned for one Presidential candidate over the current President.

My representative would not give a speech on foreign policy with the deliberate purpose to undermine the foreign policy of the President of the US. (I blame Boehner more for his act of quasi treason)

My representative would not have put a Republican American operative as the Ambassador to the US. 

My representative would not call Jewish Democrats self hating Jews. 

My representative would not keep the details of that speech a secret from the President of the US, even though his people met w/the President’s people the day before.  That's how  you know it's just political. 

My representative, if he truly believed the importance of his actions were not political, and his message was necessary for all to hear, wouldn't reject olive branches/meetings with Democrats. 

My representative would not leak the details of Iranian nuclear negotiations in order to undermine them and hurt his most important ally.

My representative would not continue to lie about what former Iranian leaders said for political purposes. 

My representative would not continue to lie about Iran’s capabilities, with Mossad disagreeing on the BiBi's assessment.  (In his book in 1995, he said Iran was 3-5 years away)

My representative would remember how wrong he was when speaking about Iraq 12 years ago, and show some humility.  He said a free Iraq would spread to Iran, with uprisings and freedom and democracy and candy and lollipops. (Let’s see... he wants the US to attack Iran if they don’t do everything we want, under the guise of a possible nuclear threat that he says is imminent… where have I seen that before? That idea has previously worked out well for America right?)

My representative knows that the security of Israel is the #1 priority; that building settlements and ending all negotiations with the Arab world do not advance that priority.  The constant rocket barrages are evidence of that priority failure.

My representative knows that a good relationship with the US is the #2 priority, and actively and consistently and publicly undermining that relationship is not a smart decision. This speech is all the evidence you need of that priority failure. 

BiBi's job is to keep Israel safe and keep America happy. By ruining international goodwill through military aggressiveness, lack of negotiations, and settlement expansion, he threatens Israel's long term security (and short term as evidenced by the rockets).  By turning Israel into a partisan issue in the Untied States perhaps BiBi helps the GOP...but his partisan antics sure as hell don't help Israel.

BiBi has failed to represent Israel, and certainly doesn't represent me.

*As you can see, none of these issues deal w/the actual diplomatic issue of how to actually deal w/Iran. That being said, I'm not so sure Iran would commit suicide if it did have a nuke.

**Apparently, he doesn't represent 180 other retired military leaders.

***Though Prime Minister, BiBi only received 23% of the vote in his last election.  There is much more opposition to him at home, than here.